5 vital writer tips

I’m not claiming to be a writer . I write , but I am not competing in the writer-or-not-a-writer tournament  . I don’t make my living at writing , and I sure don’t pretend to . Publishing ?  I’m not maintaining a blog in order to build my writer resume , to market myself because that’s what someone might have said should be done .  What I’m trying to say is I have no writer credentials to flaunt . At all —– except this  long-in-the-tooth silly blog .  I don’t even teach writing . Don’t even teach it . Don’t teach any damn thing anymore , as a matter of fact , and  don’t want to . Been there done that . Nuf’s enough . My work is done here . Good night , Jon Boy.  Basta . Koniec . Fin.


Now I have got the necessary disclaimer out of the way —- no authority whatsoever to offer advice . No reason whatsoever you should be paying any attention to this post .  But , since you are evidently persistent  ( to use a generous , kind term !)   [ don’t give up hope —- therapy is available ; there is still hope ! ]  , I will press on .


So , you think you are a writer !    ( or )  So , you think you want to be a writer !   Consider these tips  :


1. Keep your day job.

2. Go back to school . Study engineering , or something in the gerontological health care field , or welding , or plumbing . Consider a minor in Chinese .

3. Writing  something ?    Finish it . Thinking about writing something ?  If you spend too much time thinking about a thing , then you’ll never get it done . —–Bruce Lee

4.  Wean yourself from the internet , or , alternately , jump right in and swirl around in there , trying to read everything including advice to writers and /or  to wanna-be published authors ,  and/or original works of other practicing writers , and/or literary blogs ,   etc. [ note: this bit of advice won’t help you write ; but it may keep your fantasy identity and ambitions alive , and , generally , keep you out of more trouble  and , presumably  , not hurt anybody ]

5.  [  # 5 to be filled in by reader  ]Brit Lib bookshelf

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