I’ve been volunteering at the Gilb Museum in Arcadia , CA.  It used to be called a history museum , but that has changed . Now it’s the  museum of Arcadia heritage .

There was a fight with the Arcadia Historical Society some years ago . The city took over the museum and the Society split , moved out acrimoniously . There were hard feelings that may or may not still simmer . I’ve heard part of the story a couple of times , but it’s confusing .  I don’t really care about the details , I must admit . I think it’s too bad , though .  A museum ‘of city heritage’  , is a cognomen that tweaks the stated purpose of the facility just enough to make the eponym  a meaningless euphemism . My postulate .  But no one asked me .

Box , Screw 003


I’m working on the Tool Collection now . The Historical Society abandoned a box of tools , left them to the museum . Some of them had price tags attached . The Society , evidently , held garage sales to dispose of some of their collection , rather than give them to the museum .

Here’s one of the items left to the museum . Maybe it didn’t sell . Box , Screw 009


Box , Screw 002


I have to name items accurately . I have to name them with a term from the lexicon . This is a novel concept for me . I’m not a lexicon lover , although I understand the need for it .  I don’t even like the word  ‘lexicon’. Maybe it’s just me .

Well , I don’t like the word ‘understand’ much , either . Who or what is standing under what ?  Doesn’t seem to be comprehensible like ‘underwriter’ or ‘undertaker’  . Well , I know I could look it up . But , I’d rather reinforce my prejudicial opinion  in this case and call it fact . ‘Understand ‘ should be excised from the lexicon. Or , perhaps , exorcised .  Admittedly , there is a long list of to-be-exorcised words , eg. anacolution, semiotics, metacognitive ,  but these aren’t used much , anyway .  Most people instinctively ignore these words , but ‘understand’ sneaks in , hiding in plain sight . Understand ?  Box , Screw 006


Box , Screw 008


Box , Screw 005 Box , Screw 004 Box , Screw 007So , how would you label this thing , you carpenters , you wood workers ?   The closest I found in the lexicon is Box , Screw . I know , I know ; it’s full of nails . There’s no Box , Nail in the lexicon . It may also be that I’m totally off . Maybe it’s a Cup , Egg, or a  Peeler, Apple , or a Wrench , Monkey . Well , perhaps I’m laying it on a little too thick , making too much of this .Lesson-6-Exaggeration

I’m happy that all of life doesn’t need to fit into a lexicon . Lexicon !  What a word  ! Want to lexiconize ?   Go for it ! After all : To each his own . Wordstock until you’re full .


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9 responses to “lexicon

  1. You might call it a small wood hand-held carpenter nail keg, but I’m wondering if its original purpose wasn’t a kitchen spice holder, the round handle used as a kind of grounding pestle, and only later repurposed as a little box to hold nails. It also has some of the features of a matryoshka doll, the nesting doll. Are there other, smaller versions of it in the collection?

    • Thanks for the suggestions . No , I’m sure it’s not a matryoska doll ; too delicate an exterior finish to be a pestle . No others in the collection . It must be a nail keg . Probably not extremely old . Maybe it’s European . It’s very well-made . I’ll keep my eyes open for others like it .

      • I agree it’s not a nested doll, but I don’t think it’s originally a carpenter’s nail keg. It’s too small, particularly for an age when carpenters used nothing but manual nails (no belts of pneumatic air gun nails). It’s too small for a carpenter, too impractical. I’m thinking it was a kitchen spice container that some weekend carpenter appropriated to store a few nails, but I don’t see a professional carpenter taking up space in his tool box with this. Though if he was working on a specialty item requiring a special kind of nail, maybe. But for general use, like a 16 penny nail, that he’d burn through a thousand in a day, I don’t think so.

      • That makes a lot of sense . You’ve persuaded me . Maybe a sewing thing —- for needles ? Otherwise a kitchen thing most likely .

      • Another possibility: This one looks like yours, and it’s called an “Antique Apothecary Treen Box, Lynch Co London.” A treen box is any container made of wood for household use. An apothecary might have used it to grind or measure or hold? Check it out: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Apothecary-Treen-Box-Lynch-Co-London-Wood-/321397416630

  2. Another good example with a better description: “Antique Treen Wood Mortar Pestle Mash Apothecary”: https://www.flickr.com/photos/33618940@N02/4744209265/

    • Good argument . The item we have at the museum , though , is not so sturdy . I saw a picture ( wish I had it for you now ) of a wood doll in the same shape . All of those dolls I’ve seen fit together with , what , compression ? The museum one screws together . It may just be a re-converted doll , a doll blank undecorated as a doll .

  3. But you missed that last comment, before this one, with a photo that looks exactly like yours. The dolls I’ve seen compress on, push on, they don’t have threads.

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