on heat and wildfires

Depending on which source you might choose to believe , yesterday reached  107  degrees Fahrenheit  here , or 104 , or somehere around  that . I like to check various internet weather  sources , just for fun . They never quite agree with one another . Some of them contradict themselves . A site will flash 97 , but when I check the same site’s hourly forecast : 94 is the max .garbo 2


I like to check the L.A. Times , too . Again , for the entertainment value . They offer yesterday’s temp. , today’s , and tomorrow’s  . Whatever today’s high is today , it never fails to change when it becomes yesterday’s . They’ve adjusted . Good for them . They do this readjustment dance every day , though .  Why even pretend to offer accurate highs and lows , then . Maybe they should just use the preface   “about”   or “maybe” or ” we don’t really have any idea , but let’s say” .  But , then , would the entertainment value  be gone ?arcadia neighborhood highland oaks area 003


I’ve suspected for decades that some forecaster calls up Santa Barbara , north of here , and asks what’s the weather up there . The wind will blow it down to us given a little time , so their temperature makes a pretty good prediction . The TV meteorologist then can say : ” I’m going to give you warmer temperatures later today………”  Then   s/he  can talk for ten minutes , show mega-doppler maps , flash numbers with colorful graphics : At the beach today , in the mountains today , in the high deserts , Inland Empire , the basin …………..    I keep waiting for Arcadia’s weather ; not that it will be accurate , I realize , but it would give me some idea what to expect . Do I wear shorts today , T-shirt or what  ?  Well , shorts today is almost always a pretty good bet around here .


I never , after  the ten minute weather spiel , can figure out Arcadia’s  temperature .  We can see mountains up the street , but we’re not mountains . We’re Inland Empire , but only on a  far forgotten edge of the IE . We’re the SGV , I found out a couple of years ago : San Gabriel Valley . There’s a local music group with a song  ” The SGV ” , and  I saw a biker ordering drinks at the pool hall last Thursday with ” SGV ” on his leather-vested back .   No weather predictions offered yet , though , specifically  for the SGV  . None that I’ve seen so far , anyway . But , then , I don’t really pay too much attention.


When it’s in the high nineties or the 100s outside , one does not need to pay much attention to weather forecasts . The usual consistent comment around here is : ” It’s hot out there . ”  That’s sort of a ” we’re all in the same boat ” comment .   People around the SGV know when it’s hot out there . No need for the mega Doppler , or for Jackie the meteorologist to show off her bright-white smile ,  her silky TV voice ,  and her flashy summer dress.


I took some friends to LAX this morning . A wall of brown haze hung out over the southern horizon , in the direction of the airport ,  toward San Diego . Several brush fires are raging down there . The hot weather makes it much tougher for the fire fighters to work , but the dry air and our drought make for tragedy .


We’ve had our brushfires around here , too , of course . A few months ago one burned several hundred acres  above Glendora , about ten mile east of here . A friend of mine called from Connecticut to ask if we were o.k.   Sure we were o.k.  A few years ago the hillsides up the street were burning . That stretch of hill hadn’t burned in 40 years , they said . Well , maybe not , but a few hundred yards west of that one ,  fires  burned not too many years before that  . I had gone  over around the corner to watch the helicopters drop water on it .  The wind changing direction saved  some houses  that time .day of the dead figure


I wonder if the clientele in hell  walk around telling each other :    ” It’s a hot one today ”   as they watch  surrounding flames consuming the landscape .  Odd thought . Maybe I’m just slightly delirious . It’s the heat .cats 007cats 008


The cats are suffering in the heat . But , really , who wears a fur coat in such weather ? Ridiculous !  Tiki has the right idea .cats 009




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3 responses to “on heat and wildfires

  1. Very glad to see a black and white tuxedo cat (or are those just white paws). Sorry about the hear, 104 or 107 really wouldn’t matter to me, it sounds hot.

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