anticipation of densification

orville wright in flightApparently airlines are rushing to crowd more seats into aircraft . They are taking out toilets and galley space  and installing thinner seats . The word I heard for the first time today is “densification”.  Airlines are densificationing . Or densificating . on deck



Ada and I are flying to Poland in June . I guess we’ll experience densification firsthand . I think that we’re taking the Luftwaff airlines , and so maybe the Germans aren’t yet into densification . Those Germans are often ahead of us here in the USA these days , though ,  so who knows . Unfortunately , the Luftwaff has contracted with United Airlines to take us from LAX to ……. to………    I’ll have to ask my travel agent when she gets back home from the YMCA .guillotine

I don’t like United . No , more accurately , I hate United .  Last time we did one of these deals we flew United from LAX to New York . Then we were supposed to fly with their corporate partner Lot , the Polish airline . We didn’t have a separate ticket for each leg of the journey ; we had one package deal for the entire L.A. to Warsaw flight deal . But .  But the flight left late from LAX and landed shortly before the Lot flight left New York . The Lot plane was on the tarmac , but the doors had already been closed and the  Lot people wouldn’t let us on . There were six of us in the same boat , standing there stranded  . [expletive] . And it wasn’t last minute , either . We watched the Lot aircraft  sit there for ten or fifteen minutes . No , they wouldn’t open the door . Too late , the Lot agents told us .  Ada said the Polish kids manning the desk wanted to go home ; maybe they had parties to get to , who knows .  They quickly closed up shop and left . They told us to talk to United .  Left the six of us there to watch our flight leave without us .prisoners delaware 1900

You would have thought  , were supposed to accept then , that United never heard of Lot and Lot never heard of United .  One said : ” Talk to Lot ” and the other said : ” Talk to United” . They both said : ” Not our problem “. And the United people continued to say it hour by hour . The Lot people were long gone . skull shelf formosa

Meanwhile , as we were shuttling between the Lot counter and the United counter , some baggage handler ( I suppose ) stole items  from my suitcase . [expletive] . Neither Lot nor United accepted any responsibility for anything . They both told us , in effect   , ” That’s your problem .”


No more Lot flights were leaving that airport  for days . Ada and I found a hotel for the night and were never reimbursed for our costs . Nothing from Lot . Nothing from United . We had spent hours arguing the issue .  At the Lot counter , until they closed up for the night and went away , and at the United counter . [ expletive ] . [ expletive ] New York ; [ expletive ] Lot ; and [expletive ] United . Later , I wrote letters to corporate officers in corporate ivory towers and got no response. Not from United ; not from Lot . 1909 police arresting steel strikers Pitt

So , looks like we get to experience the Friendly Skies of United once more . Oh , I can’t wait !  What a joy .  And Lot ? Lot of [expletive]. At least we avoid Lot this time , the [expletive] [expletive] [expletive] .

And , I should say in passing , I’m pretty easy to please . I don’t demand too much . Fairness would be nice . The dirty [expletive] . [expletive] .  “Friendly”  , my [expletive] [expletive] .  United eventually did send us 50 bucks . 50 [expletive] bucks , the [expletive] [expletive] . Try finding a hotel in NY City for 50 bucks .

P.S.  We got out of NY on Delta ; and  I sure  hope the airport thief enjoyed the cheap camera and the perfume  . But , remember , what goes around comes around , Buddy . You’re an [expletive] , but at least you’re not a corporate [expletive]. hotel de gink

pilots military old



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4 responses to “anticipation of densification

  1. I hate partnerships that give everybody the ability to say “not my problem.” Wishing you much better luck on this trip.

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