I was reading an interesting post over on No Facilities  about vehicle laws and scofflaws .   I was brought back to an experience of mine back in the last century  .

I had a friend in Hollywood in the 1980s  who was from the east . Somewhere . I don’t remember where he was from , but he was going back there . He’d  had enough of the west coast , enough of Los Angeles , enough of Hollywood . He asked me to take him to the airport . He was leaving on a jet plane ; didn’t know if he’d be back again . We were racing along the 110 , passing downtown L.A , on our way south toward LAX .  ” Hey,” he said , ” I want to stop by the court and pay my parking tickets . ”

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” No, ”  I said . ” We have to make the flight. You’re gone . Forget it . ”  I was pragmatic . Hey , you have a flight to catch .  He persuaded me to stop , though . He wanted to do his good deed , pay his debt , clear his conscience . O.K . O.K.  I admire that honest spirit . We exited the freeway and pulled up to the courthouse .weird man

I followed my friend up to the window . ” I want to pay my tickets , ”   he told the clerk .

” Wait here , ” she said .   She went away and returned a few minutes later .car early and wrecked

He thought he owed  eighty-three  dollars . By the time the clerk returned he owed over $300 .  ” No ,”  he said , ” I owe $ 83 ” . She wasn’t going for it . There were late penalties added , and who knows what else . The city needed the extra scratch  . Tense moments ticked away as he quickly mulled  it all over  . He’s trying to do the right thing , after all , and pay what he owes .  She’s stubborn, though  ; wants the added cabbage .

” Let’s go “, he said to me . ” I’ve got a flight to catch . ” And so we left .  As people say : No good deed goes unpunished .  L.A. was out eighty-three dollars , but I suppose  they’ve got  it back from someone  else long ago . Probably my buddy’s  name was  put  on the naughty  list .

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2 responses to “tickets

  1. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to honest, but sometimes you have to pay the piper.

  2. That’s a funny story. I can imagine your frustration being asked to stop in the first place. Thanks for the reference. I just hope I never end up in court in LA behind your friend.

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