Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport. ——-Al Gore 


pilot mail 1920sI should be packed , but I’m not . Ada and I leave for Poland in four days .art man statue

I’ve been clearing out the garage to fit one of the cars . (I’ve heard a rumor that garages are actually intended for cars .) That’s no easy task . Jigsaw puzzle- doing skills would come in handy :  this oak table might fit sideways next to the shelf ; then I might be able to squeeze in the plastic bin full of shirts and slacks underneath ; on top of those I might be able to set these two hats…………………….

Oh , I’ve been thinking about what to pack . Thinking about it .  My friend Don down the block asked me yesterday if I’m packed . I pointed to my skull and said , ” Up here I’m already packed . ” ( I stole that line from my history department chair years ago who told the principal,  who had demanded his lesson plans : ” They’re up here , Mrs.  S , they’re up here . ”  )oakwild ranch near sacramento

I’m packing light .  That’s my plan . That’s always the plan . We’ll see . When I was in my twenties I’d throw a shirt and a toothbrush in a bag and take off for a week . But I’m not in my twenties any more . First , I start with my cholesterol pills ……………….  and what if we will  need to dress up ?…………………and I’ll need to be sure I have extra reading glasses……………..and my laptop .

A friend of ours will be living in the house .  That’s a big relief . Someone has to take care of those two cats , the one who pees in certain spots on the floor ( we cover them with plastic )  and the other one who barfs now and again and sometimes  poops on the (plastic sheet on) the blue couch . Our friend claims to like cats . I’m not sure that she quite knows what she’s getting into .gasmask girls


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6 responses to “packing

  1. Have a wonderful trip (in case you don’t post again).

  2. Some scary photos. I’m not a cat person.

  3. Sounds like a plan, Dan…,uh…I think…. O_o

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