all the king’s horses

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men ………………….humpty dumpty ………………couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again . We all made it this far in one condition or another .  Most of us have perched on walls of one type or another  and have fallen  off now and then . Right ? Well , admittedly , some of us are more cracked than others .carosel figure I was jabbering with some old friends this afternoon , old in two senses . We weren’t talking about the old days . We were just jabbering as we might have in the old days . One guy lives in Stockton . Stockton went bankrupt some years back . His house has been robbed twice in the last month or two . The city can’t afford enough police .  Another guy works on high-end cars . He was talking about billionaires  and their car collections . A third guy sold his environmental engineering company a few years ago and , I think , is living easy nowadays . He was talking about a shack he’s restoring on the beach up north . We are all who we are , shaped in time’s foundry . miners emergingcaricature man Old Humpty Dum   should not have waited for the king’s horses and the king’s men to pick up his pieces . He should have just picked himself up and gone on . ( I know; I know : easy to say ! )Jail la police museum 001I have a cartoon someplace . A guy with a sad look is behind bars ; his hands on the bars . What was the caption ?  ” We keep ourselves in our own cardboard prisons ”  , or something like that .  Waiting for the king’s horses and all the king’s men  ?   Probably ain’t comin’ . That’d be my guess.guy taking bath standsO.K. End of my spiel . Good luck and be safe out there .flower 1Oh, did I tell you that Humpty Dumpty had a great fall ?  Have a great summer .

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