Ada and I are waiting in Heathrow for our connecting flight to Berlin . I’m having a beer , having overcome my frugal rules and paid the exorbitant price for a pint . Luckily they still use pounds here in Inglaterra and I haven’t been keeping up on the exchange rates . I have a few euros , thinking for the last few days that they have converted to euros . Ada reminded me that they haven’t .

Doesn’t matter . When you buy anyting at any airport anywhere in the world you are being gouged outrageously. That’s the way it is . If it isn’t , then I might be wrong ; it might be my prejudice .

We left LAX from United terminal .  We showed up at the Tom Bradley terminal for our international flight : United to London and Lufthansa to Berlin. I think it called itself United Alliance . When our ride dropped us off at the Bradley terminal the Lufthansa  clerk didn’t have a clue where we supposed to go . ” Maybe try Air Berlin ”  she told us .zepplin in flight

We lugged our bags all the way to the United terminal , number 7 , about as far from the Tom Bradley terminal as is possible at LAX . Thank you United ! I knew you wouldn’t let us down !  “Alliance ” , my _ _ _  !  I’m not sure if you remember when you and LOT were in “alliance”  for our disastrous flight to Poland a couple of years ago?   I knew you were trouble . It was our own fault to book another flight with you .

But , we made our connections . So far .

I was thinking , mistakenly as it happened , that I might get a complimentary whiskey on an international flight . I gave up my idea of bringing on a couple of those tiny sample bottles . The TSA allows those , by the way . Not enough liquid in them to worry anyone . Those little bottles are what United is willing to sell passengers for seven dollars . I passed . I’m not made of money . If I were , I think , on the other hand , that I’d still reject that kind of highway robbery . I think it’s  repulsive . Maybe it’s just me .


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4 responses to “europe

  1. I’ll drink a cheap beer later today. They way we’ll average out. Enjoy the trip.

  2. No, it’s not you, Dan!

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