shouted store greetings

Just a short comment here :

It used to be only Japanese sushi joints , I think , where the employees would shout at you when you walk in .   Sort of a Banzai greeting , I guess , Japanese style . Well , cultures differ . Who am I to judge . I’m not a sushi guy , nevertheless,  so I wasn’t bothered at all at all with this curt cultural quirk .clara bow hat 95 cents

Until recently . Have you noticed that more and more stores have climbed onto the band wagon .  Young clerks yell something , often muffled and incomprehensible , when I walk into the store . Even when they are dealing with another customer , or working the cash register , even when chatting with someone :  ” WELCOME TO WORLD MARKET !” ; ”  WEOM A WALLGIN ; ” WOOME  TA ______________ !”    Now , isn’t that a rude custom ?  And , half the time , I can’t get what they said , anyway . It sounds like they’re shouting a sharp quick curse , spitting it out at poor innocent shoppers as they  walk in . They don’t want us to shop  here , or what ?

If I’m the only customer in your store , sure , greet me . Maybe say ” hello” or “welcome” , or even ” welcome to __________ ” . But , you really don’t have to shout it at me in a quick sharp -sounding banzai-style burst .  I wonder if stores in Japan  even do this sort of thing  , the aggressive so-called greeting . Maybe . Maybe not .Metro April 2014 034

CEOs must have gone to conferences and heard that these verbal assaults are good for business . But maybe it’s just a Japanese practical  joke being played on them .  I know that when a clerk is cashing me out at the register I just love it when he/she suddenly turns and shouts at some unsuspecting poor slob who’s just entered the store . The clerk then immediately turns back to me and my purchase , blank expression, having immediately forgotten the other customer entirely , leaving this new shout victim to wonder what that odd verbal burst was all about . Was it aimed at me ? Did I do something wrong ?


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2 responses to “shouted store greetings

  1. If they’re going to shout, it should simply be “next!”

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