thought from the 50s

Young DannyFreddy Gage lived on the rim of the canyon, Temescal Canyon ,  where the high school would be built .  He was having a garage sale . Somehow I wandered by and bought two albums . I was a kid . Why I went to a garage sale and why I had money I don’t know . What year was it ? 1962 , maybe . I bought  a Fats  Domino record . I think it was Blueberry Hill .  And Link Wray and TheWraymen . Never heard of Link Wray ? dance kids 1950s Sometimes I think of those two albums as a connection of mine to the 1950s . Sure , I lived through   the 50s , but as a kid .  I never rolled a pack of camels in my Tshirt sleeve or wore a D.A . Never ever used ” Daddy-O “,  or ” ankle biter ”  , or “cloud nine” , and never  jacked up  my chariot so the front end was so close to the ground that the man  would hassle me about it .  Three inches I think was the legal limit .


I had a neighbor , though , Lance , who did all of that teenage stuff . Black leather jacket . Attitude . Lance was a real cool cat , always in trouble of one kind or another with the keepers , I think , but always willing to stand up for us small fry neighborhood kids .  I remember him for that . Lance could’ve been the model for the Fonzi  character .teens and car 1950s Seems like a long time ago now , the 1950s .

And that’s the word from the bird .  Now I’m gonna cop a breeze . See you later alligator . I’m cuttin’ out . You dig ?

route 66 signs

I’m quitting this blog and starting another . Itkindofgotawayfromyou  kind of got away after 685 posts . Don’t worry , though .  I’ll let you know where I’ve wandered to    to where I’ve wandered .

Try :   here


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10 responses to “thought from the 50s

  1. I’m going to miss this blog. But, I’ll show up at the next spot unless it’s 1,000 things you can do with Chic Peas.

  2. Look forward to reading more elsewhere! Regards thom

  3. Dan, one more thought. Link Wrays turnpike USA is the theme tune to my fantasy radio show! Thom

  4. susan linker

    NO, DON’T GO!!!

  5. I was just a kid in the ’50s too – but weren’t they great!!!!!

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