HenAgain here today gone tomorrow

Well , I’m abandoning my new blog HenAgain. I never could get the widgets widgetted right , anyway . It just wasn’t going well .camera man 1908


I always had a bad feeling , too , truth being told , about the name : HenAgain. I googled that and some guy shows up with all of his odd pictures posted . Also , a Colorado organization is trying to get people to adopt orphaned chickens , I guess . And , besides , Hen ain’t here again ; Hen ain’t never gone away .   I was uncomfortable with the name , to make a long story short .


I’m going back home to ITKINDOFGOTAWAYFROMYOU ,  despite the long confounded name . Feels like home .


Sorry to lead you readers on a wild goose ( Hen ) chase .  I lost my mind for awhile .  It happens . Don’t worry ; months from now you’ll forget there ever was a HenAgain blog ; you may wonder if you’d imagined it . I’ll be asking myself : ” What were you thinking ? ” . A friend or two will wonder why I wouldn’t stick with it , HenAgain ; it was a good start .  The blogosphere will move along no matter what . Life will go on .

Thanks for sticking with me , in any case . ITKINDOFGOTAWAYFROMYOU  carries on .  Goodbye , HenAgain . You were a flash in the pan , buddy . What can I say ?


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2 responses to “HenAgain here today gone tomorrow

  1. At least the sky isn’t falling!

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