My friend Joe wrote me a short note to tell me to enjoy my vacation within my vacation . On Monday Ada and I are going to someplace else in Poland . I’m not sure where ; but it’s about four hours from here and it’s lake country . Thanks , Joe .


We’re going with a couple of our Polish friends and their daughter and her two small children . Reserved a house at some sort of resort , an ” organic farm” Ada says .  It will all be an adventure  . I’m not quite sure what I’m getting myself into ; but I expect to eat good food and swim and walk off some of the calories .  I’ll let you know .


No doubt we’ll be away from the internet for a week . Is that possible in today’s world ?   I may cart my laptop there anyway , just in case . And , I have a Polish language CD to listen to . I’m making another attempt to learn the language .  This time I may make some progress . I bought a book , as I may have already mentioned , titled : Polish In Four Weeks .  Told the guy in the bookstore that I’d be back in four weeks for a conversation .


It occurred to me , a retired guy , that I’m on a sort of permanent vacation , too . Sort of a nesting egg setup : vacation within a vacation within a vacation .NESTING eggs

I was a teacher . I had friends who saw me only when I was on vacation . Some of them kidded me about always being on vacation . A few of them probably believed it .  In earlier teaching  years I worked at various jobs  during school summer vacations . I worked also , when L.A. schools adopted the ” year-round” system ,  during part of my breaks . They called these breaks ” off-track” time .  People used to ask :  “You on-track or off-track ?”   Now  there’s a loaded question .


But , as my fellow blogger over at Sound of Swarming  says : But  I digress .

Back to my vacation within a vacation :


I’ll be snapping photos during my week away . I have a great little cheapo camera . It focuses itself ( or not ) and doesn’t ask me anything about f-stops , or light readings ; nothing .  I had a good camera once . I had traded my guitar for it . My guitar prowess matched  my Polish language skills , so I wasn’t falling behind on learning guitar after trading it away  . I wasn’t learning guitar .

I had traded the guitar , a good one by the way , with my sister . We sort of maybe had the vague agreement that , if we changed our minds later , we could always switch back .  I hesitate to go into how that worked out  . I won’t mention how I decided a couple of years later that I should finally admit failure  with the camera skills and that maybe I should re-try guitar . I won’t mention how her  boyfriend left for good to Chicago with the guitar . Don’t like to think about it : tragedy all around .

I like what my friend Bill believes . Bill was a Vietnam War vet and says he doesn’t want tragedy in his life . Has had enough violence and such for a lifetime . Won’t even read violent fiction . I recommend and lend  books to  him and I have to weed out the bloody murder mysteries and the violent novels or he hands them right back to me the next day . He shakes his head and gives me a disappointed scowl . camera man 1908


Bill’s the guy who bought an expensive camera , learned how to use at , and took it to the Channel Islands with a friend on the friend’s  sailboat . His friend’s boat was drifting with the current as they were landing and it made  a violent move away from the mooring just as Bill  jumped off . I won’t tell you how the camera sunk to the bottom of the ocean . Bill wouldn’t like it . He doesn’t like tragedy .  cameraman old

photographer 1938



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  1. A vacation within a vacation within retirement from a job where you might have had the summer off anyway. I’m too far in. Looking forward to the pictures. Keep the camera dry and enjoy.

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