on the farm

We are somewhere in Pomorski , or Pomerania , in Poland , on a farm . Well , it used to be a farm . Now it’s set up for tourists . Friends of ours booked it for a week , but none of us had any clear idea what to expect . To say you’re in Pomerania doesn’t narrow it down too much , since Pomerania is a big section of the country . Since “morski” in Polish means sea , as far as I can tell we are  relatively near the Baltic Sea . Eight of us drove out here , at any rate , to see what we would see .

Well , now I find that we have left Pomerania and are now in a different part of Poland . We’re very very close to Kazuba , but not in Kazuba .  We are where we are . One day I’ll study a map .


I kind of pictured a place within a short walk to the lake . Maybe we would be able to see the lake from the front porch of the house we would be renting . Ada pictured a forested place .  That isn’t the case .

We booked a house with three rooms for our little expedition of three groups . Three meals were included and the proprietor was said to be a great cook ; everything organic ; they make their own wine there , too .

Yesterday we did find a lake for swimming . It’s a short drive away or a long walk . It was great , though , paddling around in warm clear water , diving off of a wooden dock , sharing a cold Polish beer , later , sitting at a table under a tree . No , the beer was not sitting under the tree . As far as I know , beers don’t really sit . An old friend of mine and I were sitting , joined later by his grandson . I speak about thirteen or fourteen words of Polish , so far ; my friend speaks about as many of English ; his grandson , 11 , speaks several more English words ; but conversation was at times difficult . Lots of body language . But , with enough beers , I suppose we’d all be speaking the same language at some point . ( Don’t tell the wives I said that . ) No , we didn’t give the 11 year-old beer . Relax!


Today we head out to some kind of a re-created ancient Polish village , I guess . Sometimes my information is sketchy . Maybe the Polish speakers know a lot more , but I have had the feeling that often they are in about as much dark as I am . It’s all an adventure .

But first : Breakfast .

The couple who own the place bought it , a neglected farm , about seventeen years ago . They tore down the old farmhouse and rebuilt a house for themselves . Then they built another house for guests . They planted 1700 trees .Then they built a large room for meals . It has a fireplace at the center and logs converge toward the center to form a roof , sort of an old-fashioned look , perhaps . It has a brick floor decorated also with stone and rounds of wood . A few years later the husband decided to grow grapes and make wine . He told me that it happened by accident ; a friend of his talked him into it ; he learned mostly from the internet how to do it . His wine , nevertheless, has won awards .

The woman prepares  good meals . The first day was salad , goulash , cold cuts , bread . This morning we had  eggs and all the cold cuts , etc .  The cold cuts are good , and the salad stuff is good . Some of it comes from their garden . No desserts . That’s o.k. because , with three meals a day we’ll be putting on weight . Not used to three full meals a day .

The host sits on down with us for meals . And so does her husband and son . Luckily , in this case , I don’t understand the lingo . Ada says the host is a bit too bossy and ” in your face”. Maybe she’s lonely out on the farm and takes advantage of the captive audience .

I’m just waking up from a nap . Dinner will be served in a half hour . The weather is fine today , sunny ; not too hot , not cold ; no rain .  We are leading the life of Riley . I’m not sure who Riley was , but he had an easy life , apparently . Worries ?  Sure ; everyone has worries , I think .  But everyone needs to get away for awhile , enjoy the beauty of nature , in the company of friends , and relax . Your worries will still be there when you get back . Don’t worry .

Note :  No wine in evidence yet ; I’ve seen the vines .  I’m not a big wine guy , but I did expect a taste or two , and some for sale , but  I haven’t seen even a bottle . I’m not worrying about it .


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4 responses to “on the farm

  1. I’m not used to three meals a day either but breakfast would be good right about now. Eggs and cold cuts you say? That works.

    • Today’s breakfast was quail eggs on toast , cold cuts , tomatoes , honey …………coffee , bread …….. My usual breakfast is coffee. Maybe toast too . Or a banana .

      • I love tomatoes with eggs! Every now and then I get an egg sandwich with a slice of tomato for breakfast. Yum. It’s still not 8:00 am here, you’re making me hungry.

      • I’d discuss things more , but we have dinner here in a few minutes , and I don’t want to be late . Best of luck with your breakfast ! ( Bet you won’t have quail eggs ), Take care .

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