on the farm , thursday

Well , the wine showed up by surprise today . Some of us were wondering about it . They grow grapes here and produce award winning wine . That’s what we heard .

I was talking with Milena , who , I think , booked the place for the week . Millena doesn’t much care for beer , or whiskey , or vodka , or brandy . But wine ?  Oh , yeah ! Wine will hit the spot .   But , for three days here at the wine -producing place —– not a word of wine ; not a whisper ; not a hint , not a bottle in sight !

Until today , when the wine came out — white and red . Full glasses lined up on the counter . Taste !   The glasses were lined up full of white wine , first .  Red was poured later .

No one of our group appeared , at first , but me .  Our  host , chief wine -maker , rang the dinner bell . Where was everyone ? I saw a hint of concern on his face . But , in no time they came wandering in . I was already there swirling my glass of white wine. The host had explained in English that the wine  was a little too cold for full effect . It was good , though ; very good . The red was not bad , either . Good , in fact , but  I liked the white better .

We all sat down to supper , some of us with our glasses of wine . The conversation ( in Polish ) went to wine for awhile . I caught what I could and asked a few questions . The winemaker spoke English but  Ada translated some of the more subtle inquiries and everything seemed to be going well .

” You ordered three bottles ? ” Ada said all of a sudden . Well , no . I said : ” I haven’t ordered any yet ,” fully aware that the host understood it all . For one thing I didn’t know what he was charging for a bottle . I’m not buying at any price . And ,  three ? Why three ?

But , as it happened , the stuff came to about $12 per bottle , so that’s o.k.  We’ll buy one for our friend Jurek back in Sczcecin , the guy with the boat , the guy with the garden house , the guy who painted our flat , the guy who takes us shopping around town and who buys me Czech beer , the guy who gave us a glass fish  and me a shirt or two , the guy who lent me tools so I wouldn’t be completely helpless around the flat . Jurek , our upstairs friend , who found us the flat in the first place ; the keeper of the keys .  Captain Jurek , who takes us on cruises of the harbor and connecting waterways , our friend .

We had visited the nearby botanical gardens today . Frogs were jumping all over the place . The boys , Antosh and Mikolaj , were pointing out trees to me that were from Virginia , and Pennsylvania , and the Carolinas . The weather was wonderful . We had been told that it was raining all over the rest of Poland . Poor suckers ! Should have been here !

In the afternoon we went to the lake again for a swim . Ada , Antosh , Mikolaj , and I rented a rowboat and went for a cruise . Mikolaj, 11 , and I rowed the damn thing for an hour . It was a bright day , a sparkling lake . Shards of sunlight broke up like strewn confetti over the center of the blue lake .

Antosh was up at the bow guiding us , warning us of upcoming danger , as we rowed . ” Turn left ; turn right ! ” ( Polish version ) . Ada rowed for awhile , too . Mikolaj , courageously ,  took over by himself for awhile  . But , I will say , for sure  Miklowai and I made the best rowing team . He didn’t give up . We rowed here and then we rowed there and then we rowed back again . No sweat . Row , row , row your boat ………..

The hosts sat with us after supper , discussing their wine  operation , drinking more of the stuff , under a bright  3/4 moon and a clear night sky .  The rest of the world was tearing apart , probably , but we were smiling and safe in our little corner of paradise , sipping and smiling and watching the clouds drift by and the darkness dare to come , slowly sneaking in  , pretending to be unnoticed , into  the night  .


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3 responses to “on the farm , thursday

  1. Sounds like this is what a vacation should be. Thanks for the update.

  2. Anonymous

    You always welcome Dan !

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