writing a blog

I have become a very lazy blogger . I used to take more care with my writing , polish it up , be sure to put in a few good words and phrases . I used to try to write every day , too . But now , I’ve become lazy ; often I just post photos . Don’t even bother to write an encouraging word . But now I have some new readers and I think they expect some good writing . I may have to try to tow the line again , to put more of an effort into it . Ada always tells people that my blog is good  ; promotes it with vigor ; kind of exaggerates . Now I find that I have ( among a small expectant few )  a reputation to live up to . Damn !


I like to put pictures in my posts . This one won’t have any , and the last two didn’t , because all of my photos are still in the camera . I didn’t bring the download cord with me on this little vacation to another part of Poland . I’ll get to it . I’ll get to it . When I’m back in Szczecin I’ll get to it . I’m writing this on Ada’s laptop , too .  It’s not quite routine .


They’re over in the other room , most of my fellow travellers , playing scrabble . I’d play too , except it’s all in Polish and , with my thirteen  Polish words ( now maybe fifteen or twenty ! ) I’d lose . Fast .  It’s very competitive . As it is , Ada , a scrabble winner usually , has come in third ( only three people playing ! ) the last two evenings . Maybe she’s been away from Poland too long and  can’t come up with enough Polish words ? ( Whatever you do , don’t tell her I said that .)


This is almost our last night here . We have one more day and then we leave . It’s been a wonderful week , swimming , eating , exploring a bit , enjoying the company of friends . Today , Ada and the boys , Antosh and Mikolaj , and I were boating again on the lake , if you can call peddling a peddle-boat around  ” boating ” . I think that qualifies . It better ! My legs are sore from peddling , even though 11 year-old Mikolaj and Ada did most of the peddling . His aren’t sore at all . Ada’s aren’t sore . In fact , the two of them went jogging together later . I’m just out of shape , I guess .

I  just throw stuff up on the internet and call it a blog . I can say ” I have a blog ” and some people are impressed . But , writing a blog doesn’t require pedaling , pedddddddddddddddaling , peddddddddaaaaaaling , pedddddddddddaaaliiiiing , peddddddaling , trying to keep up with the other pedaler , an 11 year-old .   It’s a little embarrassing being out-pedaled by an 11 year-old , and then by your wife .  Blogging , on the other hand ,   just requires a  tap , tap , tap , lightly with your   fingers .  Easy . No sweat !

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  1. Then MAKE it something special!

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