vacation week in Kociewie

Poland vacation Kociewie 111As I’ve said in a previous post , I might be on a vacation within a vacation within a vacation . Whatever . Ada and I just returned from our week vacation to Kociewie region in Poland . We’re both sitting now on our new sectional sofa tap- tap- tapping on our laptops . I haven’t seen my laptop  for a week .   It was okay while I was gone , I see .  I just downloaded my 166 photos from our trip . I’ll show you a few today .Poland vacation Kociewie 118

We stayed at a place I mentioned , also , in a previous post . Milena booked it for us . It was not all it was described as on the internet . We ordered three meals a day , for example , and the woman said that she cooked traditional Kaszuby food . Kaszuby is a region of Poland near where we were . It adjoins Kociewie .  The Kaszubs have their own language and traditions . I imagine that their food is delicious , too . None of us would know , really , because the food prepared for us wasn’t .Poland vacation Kociewie 115Poland vacation Kociewie 037

We had a great time , though . Milena was disappointed because she had booked the place for us . But , you know , ” win a few , lose a few “. Overall , it was great and we all had a wonderful week . We took day trips around ( to Kaszuby , for example ) and explored the local area a bit . We swam , and played , and walked . The days were sunny and hot . I learned a few more Polish words .  I got a few bug bites . It’s summer !

Poland vacation Kociewie 010






Poland vacation Kociewie 116Poland vacation Kociewie 218Poland vacation Kociewie 021Poland vacation Kociewie 166


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5 responses to “vacation week in Kociewie

  1. Good to see pictures again. Especially the frogs 😉

  2. Sounds like a cool getaway. I also like the two frogs on the rock – and the two-headed fellow with the fish. What would Basho have written and how many translations would follow if he had noted two frogs?

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