a quieter time

Poland park milena and felek 013     When I was a kid a photographer  used to come to our neighborhood every year with a pony . The idea was to let  kids  sit on the pony and their mommies  would pay to have  a picture taken . There is a picture somewhere of me and my brothers and sisters and a pony on our front lawn . I don’t remember who was up in the saddle . Maybe we all got to take turns , but then , ultimately , one of us is up there forever when the camera shutter snapped . Horse (willie n on city photography horse)

I was reminded of this recently because a friend of mine who is my age posted a picture of himself in New York City up on the back of a pony . I was on the other side of the country at the time .  Maybe by the time his pony picture was taken our pony-photographer had quit . At some point in time he never came around again .

The Fuller Brush man kept coming  around every year , though  . He had a box of brushes and combs .  My mother felt sorry for him and always bought some small item  . It usually seemed to be  a plastic comb , a big white plastic comb. Those combs lasted forever , too , even when you managed to somehow melt the end of them  . There were six of us kids running around the house , so I suppose one of us found a way to melt the end of the Fuller Brush big white  plastic comb . But the thing  was still around for decades , brown melted end and all .

My family  had a plastic pitcher-type thing with a melted- away edge , too .  It was always on the corner of the bathtub so we could use it to pour water over our heads to rinse our hair and wash our backs . I think that one of my sisters has it now and is still using it . That gives it a half-life of about a million years . It may be around long after the  upcoming  nuclear winter ;  the surviving cockroaches will be wondering , no doubt , what they should  do with it .boy 1912 with a hoe

At the risk of sounding like an old guy [I hear Ada saying : You are  an old guy . My friend Ivan , my age too ,  calls the two of us old grey monkeys .  ] ,  I will suggest that life was  simpler when I was a kid . I’m not sure that I had the same perception  when  I was that kid ; but , as an old grey monkey ,  I want to believe for the moment that life was simple then . Let me have that silly thought for a few moments , please . You can share it if you like , if only for a few moments . We could call our short pause from more rational thought a pit stop . Soon enough  we’ll all zoom back  onto the  track  and   into the race  again .
chair repair man

tee pee curios N.Mex.

water tricycle


a girl


Exposition park 2013 033


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4 responses to “a quieter time

  1. Times were simpler. So how about sharing the story of how those things got melted? I seem to remember my mom saying “these things don’t just melt themselves…”

  2. I actually miss my childhood; such fond memories!

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