gassing and whatnot

Please don’t read this . Your time is valuable .coffee breakfast   I’m in eastern Europe . Here in Europe car fuel is sold by the liter . It’s expensive . By the way , I used the term car fuel because I’m not quite sure how close it is to our gasoline . Maybe it’s exactly the same stuff , but I’ve heard it called not only petrol , but also benzine . I’m not buying it , so I’m not really paying too much attention .

In Obregon , Mexico , once , I was hanging around with a local guy , Nacho , who periodically announced that we needed more gasoline .” Necessita comprar mas   gasolina  ! ”   We’d  then head directly for the liquor store for a liter of fuel . Usually , this was a bottle the local beer called Cahuama .  Cahuama wasn’t exactly the same stuff as our gasoline . Even I knew that .

gas prices inyo co. 1940

When I started driving , gas prices were 35 cents per gallon . No self-service stations in those days . A guy in uniform would come out to pump the gas . He’d check your oil and water , wash your windows , check your tire pressure . Unless you told him to lay off .

I used to go to a Mobil station in town . One day the attendant ( I don’t remember his name )  said to me : ” Hey , Dan , why don’t you save up a whole dollar and come in sometime ? ”    Well , I seldom had a whole dollar to spend on gas and I told him that . I’d get a gallon or two . I had a (rare in those days ) four cylinder car and it would get thirty miles  per gallon or so . Most of the cars on the road then got more like ten .14784819202_b141ced751_b

Man , if the gas prices nowadays get down in the neighborhood  four dollars I’m happy . I haven’t noticed the oil companies  struggling . The gas prices are all rigged to rake in maximum profit . We get explanations about shortages , and refinery limits , and conundrums in the Arab world , and whatever , as excuses for higher and higher prices .  There are a couple of  people in a plushly appointed  corporate office somewhere plotting the next explanation for the next price rise . Maybe it’s the difference between the price of summer fuel and the price of winter fuel . Have you heard that one ? I have .car early and wrecked

I remember driving up to the pump with my friend Fred during the oil crisis ( Which one , you might be asking . Does it really matter ? ) in Fred’s car on his designated day to get gas . We had to push the old rust bucket up the final few feet because his  wheezing  gas guzzler  ran out of fuel  right then and there as we were waiting  in  line  for our turn at the pump  .  There might also have been a limit on how many gallons someone could buy . The whole gasoline mess that year didn’t do Jimmy Carter any good , as I recall .

My 94 year-old neighbor , Don , told me that his first gas cost 25 cents per gallon . It’s all relative , I guess . A loaf of bread cost a nickel . A stamp for a postcard cost a penny .  Salaries were low , of course , too .william j bryan

That’s before Roosevelt destroyed the country . Printed paper money like it was going out of style . What was it that old William Jennings Bryan used to say about gold ?  Or was it Nixon who printed the greenbacks and ruined the economy ?  Clinton ?   I’m getting lots of versions of who it was , really , who first destroyed the country .  All we know for sure is that the country is destroyed .  All of those Constitutional Convention dudes must be tired of rolling over in their graves .  I’m not even sure now if Eisenhower goes into the plus side or the negative side . Truman ?  Well , Truman ! Reagan’s a question ,  if anyone pays attention .  I know there was something off about Warren Harding .    Even Lincoln suspended habeas corpus .  I know some dirt about each of the last few presidents , of course .   Shameful !  But when , exactly , did the country as a whole go down ? Personally , I think James K. Polk  was o.k. in an aggressive sort of a way , but the next guy , a Whig , not so much . Maybe it all went wrong way back then .

Ah !  Bring back the good old days of World War Two , when everybody loved one another in this country and GOOD and EVIL were clear and simple   , a battle between the white hats and the black hats . Gas was cheap , at least , if you could get it . Maybe you could get tires , too , if you knew where  and  if you knew who’d sell ’em to you on the sly .  But wasn’t General Motors doing business with the Nazis ?  Or was that U.S. Steel ?army sentriesI’m way behind the times . Too far , really , to have any  realistic hope of catching up .  My friends seem to keep up . I still read the newspaper , although on a computer screen  . Anyone can tell you that newspapers are  all propaganda .  Lame-stream media ; biased ; agents of the government . It will twist my mind if I’m not careful . And , I have to admit , I’m not careful .  I know the truth is out there . I don’t want it , though . The truth warps your mind , prejudices your thoughts , steals your sense of humor . That’ what I’m afraid of .soldiers holding up jeep
I got a long and serious comment recently on an older post where I mentioned Will Rogers . If I’m mentioning Will Rogers in a post  my intent is probably not to right the wrongs of the world . The phrase light- hearted comes  to mind . I’m not investing my soul , or seeking yours , in such a post . Relax ! I appreciated the comment , but Jesus Christ !   Calm down !  The international bankers have already ruined the world economies and co-opted world governments and , yes , we are all of us , already goners .  A guy in Berlin told me that Zbigniew Brzezinski is the evil genius behind it all . I have yet to investigate that odd claim .  But , it’s already all in motion . We’re all already cooked . So have another cerveza  and forget about it , man ! You were born too late to fix it now . It’s over . We’re done for .

P.S. I’m not joining your battalion or your moral crusade . Sorry . Good luck , though .

(Maybe I had too much coffee this morning .)14598519479_2616b86a52
truck with household goods

I told you not to read this post and you did anyway . Whose fault is that , then ?  army sentry

flying A

dancer old

car destroyed

And , oh , hey , have a nice day !



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9 responses to “gassing and whatnot

  1. Keep thinking and making us think, but don’t lose your sense of humor. You’re going to need that after the next (n) elections.

    • If you can’t keep a sense of humor you might as well quit now .However , I’m not at all sure about the ” keep thinking ” bit ; I pretty much gave up the illusion of thinking . In other words , I wonder if I ever really thought much . Had a lot of nonsense swirling around in my head —- but , thinking ? I wonder . Anyway , thanks for the kind comment . I always appreciate your support , Dan .

  2. Gas wars. Remember when that term applied to the four filling stations, one on each corner? Used to pull into one in my ’56 Chevy and order .25 cents worth of Regular, or .50 cents, until one day the owner gave me a lecture on the business side of running a gas station and told me henceforth he wasn’t coming off his chair in his office unless I was able to wave a $1 bill out my window, signaling I was buying at least $1 worth of the devil’s water. Regular, Premium, Diesel – what’s that all about?

  3. Love your stories, brings back memories and makes me laugh!

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