ENGLAND sept 2014 016I  was teasing Ada in July about the extensive bike lanes built all over the city but there were few bikes . Well , it’s good to plan for the future . But not many bikes so far .


Then , one day , hundreds of green bikes appeared out of nowhere , like mushrooms suddenly sprouted  in the forest .  Oh !  O.K. , that’s the plan . City ( Szczecin, Poland ) residents can register to use the bikes , put 20 zloty down ( about $6. 60 ) and go . There are stations all over the city where the bikes can be got and returned . People are beginning to use them , too . The city is changing .ENGLAND sept 2014 018 ENGLAND sept 2014 017 Ala skateboarding Poland 2014 021

Ala skateboarding Poland 2014 024

Ala skateboarding Poland 2014 025

Poland marathon run 056

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