good reports

I’m getting good reports from home . Well , I’m not getting any bad reports ; I guess that’s not at all necessarily  the same thing . Ada and I have been in Europe for a bit over three months now and we are soon to return to the United States .old car in desert


I’ve been monitoring the daily temperatures over there in southern California . Too hot . I wish that someone would turn the dial down a few degrees before we get back . All summer the temps  have been consistently in the nineties ( F ) . I have to use the ( F ) due to the ( C ) competition over here . We won’t bother to discuss ( K ) . Yesterday Arcadia was 101 degrees (F) . Too hot .

ENGLAND sept 2014 201

I’m wondering about my plants . I wonder if the woman staying in our house has been watering the fruit trees . How about the Asian apple tree out in what Ada’s mom called , and now Ada and I  call , the piggy barn ?  No piggies .  Just some of my stuff , some tools , a compost bin , and ( I hope ) an Asian apple tree hanging on to dear life through all the hot months .

I’ll be surprised if the piggy barn tree made it . I expect some other casualties , too , despite the rosy reports from the waterer-in-residence .  I wonder if the small apricot tree I planted a year or so ago made it . It’s in the back of the yard behind the orange tree . It hasn’t had time to mature , perhaps, to establish a root system that will ensure it’s survival in the face of harsh treatment from the world .

Oh , well .


I hope that Ada’s roses made it , too . Most likely they have . They’ve been slogging it out every hot summer and they know a thing or two about survival .

The woman staying in our house said that she likes watering . She’s reluctant to water too much during our extended drought , she said ; but she is a gardener , I guess . I hope . It’ll be alright .


One way or another , it’s too late now . Oh well . We’ll hope for the best .welcome to california


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2 responses to “good reports

  1. I hope the tree made it, and I like the phrase “piggy barn”

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