no doubt

I play  pool every Thursday.  I’ve lost track of the number of years that I’ve been playing pool every Thursday .

I got a call yesterday from one of the pool guys , another Dan . He’s attending a lecture this Thursday at a canyon place called Nature Friends. He was discussing the event with another one of the pool guys , Bill . Bill will attend the lecture , too . And Willie ? Well , they’ll ask Willie . I was apologized to first , and then invited to the lecture . The invitation was a consolation prize , because only the four of us play ( every Thursday ) and now the game is off .

The lecture topic is : Are We In A Drought ?  Two and a half hours of Are We In A Drought ? Refreshments will be served .

I declined . Well , I asked that my pool buddies give me a report after the lecture . Are we in a drought ? Please ,  no synopsis . Just give me a yes or a no answer . I’ll be satisfied with that . I’ll save some time that way .

I know the answer already . We all know the answer . No mystery . Maybe my pool buddies will get some stats to convince unbelievers that California is in a drought . Maybe the evening will break down into a guilt trip session with suggestions how to save water . That might  be informative , but a disappointment I would think .   Maybe they’ll talk about the disgrace of watering lawns instead of planting native grasses . Worst scenario: A salesman from an artificial lawn company shows up to speak about the advantages of fake grass . He’ll have samples .old car in desert

I was a teacher . I should admire education . I should admire the fact that a couple of my pool group buddies  want to learn whether or not we’re in a drought . I should .

But , unfortunately , I suspect that I’m a reformed educator in the same way some people are reformed smokers , or reformed drinkers . I’m glad I got out when I did ; glad I’m out of it ; don’t want to be involved in no more education if I can avoid it . I’m not education-free , but I’m working on it . It will be a lifelong struggle , I know , to avoid education . But I’m working on it .

I’m not putting my friends down for attending the lecture at Nature Friends . I will say , nevertheless , that there is a value to tradition , too , to  consistency and steadfastidy  . Pool should be played every Thursday ,  lecture or no lecture . There are , after all , priorities in life .

I got an invitation, too ,  a couple of days ago to an important  lecture . Something about how to make a fortune at real estate and  put no money down . A real estate agent invited me . Or was it a lawyer ? It’s a beautiful printed invitation and the agent, or the lawyer ,  seems to really want me to attend . I’ll be sorry if I miss it , she says .

I didn’t check whether or not the real estate lecture , my key to future success ,  will be held on a Thursday or not .  If I had any intention of considering going , the first thing I’d do is check whether or not it’s on  a Thursday . If it’s a Thursday , then no way . I might make millions as a result of the lecture , but , on the other hand , I’d miss pool night . Couldn’t do that . There are , after all , priorities in life .las tunas drive,arcadia 1930
Besides ,  I’m trying to avoid learning anything new . If I don’t know whatever it is  by now , I guess that I haven’t been paying attention .  How about that ?  How does that grab you ? I’ll consider all of my opinions and prejudices as facts . When I listen to others parrot what I already believe , I’ll consider that to be an education about whatever it is . That way I’ll fit right in to  modern America .airlplane wing stars






















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4 responses to “no doubt

  1. I’m still in education mode but I’m with you on the priority of pool. Even from my view in CT, I know that, Yes, you are in a drought.

  2. I’m afraid I can’t give it up. My father used to say – “The day I stop learning, please close the lid…” It stuck with me and I suppose it always will.

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