you’re super ( intendent )

John Deasy , ( former )  Los Angeles Unified Schools Superintendent , just resigned . He was ” under some pressure ” , as they say .  He says he now might work in the field of youth detention , or perhaps support superintendents , or maybe run for political office .

A columnist for the local paper says that although Deasy was autocratic and unresponsive to his bosses and overreaching in his goals and implemented policies without input and combative with teachers , and that some of his policies became disasters , he was just what LA schools needed . He pushes reform , she said . Although the interim superintendent is , and will have to be , a peacemaker , the columnist  said , she hopes that another troublemaker is ” waiting in the wings “. Yikes !

I used to listen to that kind of thinking when I was teaching . Change is good ! the administrators told us . They meant , of course , any of their changes .  They didn’t mean your changes .

When Ada got a new director at her workplace , the woman told all of the employees to read ” Who Moved My Cheese ” , a silly little book that tries to say , I think , that change is good , that change will happen so learn to accept it .  (Again , the Director’s changes , of course , not the employees’ changes . )

Things change , of course , and some change is for the better , of course . And some change is stupid and makes things worse .

Some change is well intended but not well implemented . The LAUSD is an expert at this kind of stuff . Deasy meant to put an I-pad in every student’s hand . Funds intended for school construction and maintenance were used to buy I-pads . From the start things ” went sideways ” , as they say . The school Board put language into Deasy’s  buyout paperwork to the effect that the Board didn’t think that he did anything illegal when buying the I-pads and software . A couple of the Board members  said that the ongoing investigation , however , would tell the tale in the end .

Meanwhile , at Jefferson High , the computer system that the school district bought for how many millions of dollars to program students  doesn’t work . The administration , subsequently , couldn’t figure out how to programs students into appropriate classes . Week after week they couldn’t do it . Students sat around waiting . The courts got involved and a judge ordered LAUSD to fix the problem immediately . Deasy cheered the judge’s ruling . Deasy , the Superintendent , was in charge , so shouldn’t he have fixed the problem  ? Instead , he went to Korea to visit Korean schools . He wanted one last trip on the taxpayers’ dime , I guess , before putting in his resignation .

Maybe Deasy was a great superintendent . It’s easy to criticize a guy trying his best . The fact that the teachers’ union president says that teacher morale is the lowest in years due to Deasy may be irrelevant . Maybe a guy who jumps in with both feet and stomps on those reform-resistant folks is just what is needed . I don’t think so , but I’m not always right .

Deasy says he might run for political office .  I have to roll that one around in my skull for awhile .  He thinks , maybe , that he’s just now getting out of a political office and so he’s got experience . But he should consider the fact that wasn’t elected . Supervising superintendents ? He should think that one over , too .  Maybe the youth detention plan would be best for him . At least he’d have a captive audience .Moving-from-Chicago-to-Los-Angeles-California-Move-to-Los-Angeles-California-IL-CA



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4 responses to “you’re super ( intendent )

  1. Who really needs maintenance anyway?

  2. Joey

    Joey read about this squabble from a long distance perspective. Think I even remember seeing your union president on television preachifying about the mess. President Two-Initials wore expensive neckties and lived not far from where Mr. Hen first taught school. Do you ever wish you could have afforded to remain working for the Archdiocesan schools? Excuse my curiosity, but your blog is just so fascinating to an old Sicilian like me.

    • Hey , Joey , I would have stayed with them if I could have afforded it . they didn’t pay ( only peanuts ! ) and had no retirement plan at the time I was with them. sometimes I think I should have listened to my mother and gone to the public schools earlier . I’d be buying yachts now and taking it easy .

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