I wrote a rant recently regarding pool and drought and education . I got a comment from a blogger friend when I said I was backing away from education , implied I’d be joining Education Anonymous , that I  was trying my best to avoid the stuff . This blogger writes a well-researched mostly-military blog , Pacific Paratrooperthat presents well- written well-organized information in a historical context.  The blog  educates . He told me that learning should never end . He said that message came to him from his father .

So , in a particularly pusilanimous frame of mind today , I wish to offer something of a retraction . I am not all that much anti-education  if by education we mean learning .

I like to read history , for example .  I’m finishing a big thick Truman biography . It was well written , but I don’t read history for the sheer joy of the written language . I like to learn about , in this case , Harry Truman and some of the events during his time .  I , not too long ago , read a big thick biography of FDR .  I recently read a Bill Bryson book about the year 1927 . I think the title was  1927 . 

Also I’m researching the murder of an Arcadia cop in 1927 . I’ve been learning as much as I can about him and about his killers and about Arcadia in 1927 , etc. I got interested in this incident when I began volunteering at the Arcadia history museum , the Gilb Museum .

I wasn’t really on the level  when I said in my other post that I’m trying to avoid learning . I was trying to be facetious , I suppose .  Learning is o.k. under certain circumstances .

I started out badly with the education stuff , however . My elementary  school had a passageway near the entrance that opened up, too ,  to an open area behind the school  . When my dad dropped us off in the morning in front we’d all, my brothers and sisters and I ,  go into school . They’d go to class ,  but I kept going and walked out the rear of the school and headed home . School really wasn’t my thing , I had decided , at an early age .

Unfortunately , on the occasion that comes to mind and sticks in my memory , my dad saw me . He had stopped , by chance ,for cigarettes at the Hughes Market behind the school instead of going straight to work . I saw his old blue Comet chugging  along slowly in my direction .  My dad didn’t comprehend anyone who didn’t like school . He and his brothers and sisters had been top students .  My mother had been a top student , too , for that matter . My older sister was a top student , too , and my older brother wasn’t too bad , either . My dad was brilliant , but I’m pretty sure he mistakenly thought everyone achieves in school with a little effort . To him , that’s how life is . You just need to set your mind to it and do what needs to be done .  That’s the way the world worked to Dad .

But then I came along . School wasn’t my bag , man  . Well , I’ll just leave Dad’s  reaction to my action, my failed school escape ,  at that . No need to go into details . Some memories don’t improve with age . Suffice it to say that he didn’t have a sense of humor when it came to school escapers .caricature man seated

And then I got into the teaching profession . An irony , eh ?  I worked hard and did a decent enough job educating the youth of tomorrow . Well , they’re the youth of today , now . Well , not so much youth any more , I guess .

And I’m done with the education part of my life . Some other people hold those reins these days and they go through the ups and the downs and the ins and the outs of it all . Good for them and good luck to them !  I’ll pay attention to what I want to pay attention to nowadays , learn what I want to learn , and leave the education establishment behind .

There’s a pile of information out there in the air , and I guess I’m just tired of people trying to learn me stuff I might not want to know . Always was , now that I think of it .

To succeed in life you need two things : Ignorance and Confidence .  ——– Mark Twain




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4 responses to “learning

  1. Self medication w.r.t. education.

  2. Joey

    Mr. Hen, Learning by way of an education is far different from trying to learn via today’s education system in the USA. You’re a creative man with the inherent talents necessary to read what students need and want to learn. The USA’s education system, although at one time well-meant, has become a monster that restricts its teachers abilities and oftentimes tortures its students with nonsense requirements. The best teachers survive in spite of suffering the silliness. Some of the best students are not so lucky. But that’s just my opinion, and what the heck does Joey Fiorella really know? Outside or inside the box, Joey wonders, “What box are you jabbering on about? I don’t see no box. Sorry for being so serious on your humorous blog. One of Joey Fiorella’s bad habits.

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