I don’t spend much time contemplating fortune cookies .  I do , however , once in awhile save a fortune . One’s in my wallet now . I’ve had and lost several fortunes over the years . I’m just like old man Wilshire , of Wilshire Boulevard fame in that way , except on a different scale .  Fortunes come and go .  So , here it is : Fortune cookie 002


I have a dinner coupon that expired in December of 1989 . The restaurant isn’t there anymore however . Otherwise I might go over there and try to use the certificate . It does say ” preferred customer” , after all .  Buy one dinner and get one free . Not bad .  I don’t remember where the gift certificate  came from . I don’t know why I kept it .  So , here it is :Coupon and road sign 008


Some things just don’t make sense . I passed a road sign yesterday and had to take a shot of it . Someone went to some effort to neatly alter it . I like to think that the alteration was done  by one of the city workers doing the work on the street . The sign sits outside of the Chamber of Commerce office , though , so I wonder if someone inside there did the deed . So, here it is :Coupon and road sign 005

He that waits upon fortune is never sure of a dinner . —–Benjamin Franklin

He who tries to use Le Papillon Gift Certificate will be out a dinner . —–unknown

I took a date a long time ago to a restaurant in Los Angeles’  Chinatown . The only thing I remember about the date was that the fortune cookie I got had nothing inside . I mentioned this to the waiter . He hesitated only a second or two and said : ”  Fortune is with owner of restaurant .” 

Once I took a dead battery back to Sears . I said I’d bought it there but the damn thing didn’t work . The guy asked me when I’d bought it .  ” Six years ago , ” I said , ” and it doesn’t work .” So much for attempts at humor . If I try that again next time I’ll say I’m  pretty sure road worms got to it . We’ve got to try to have fun in life .

I’m assuming the fortune cookie writer of my sample fortune was trying to be funny . Otherwise it strikes me as heavily cynical . Maybe that’s how he/she meant it . If so , that’s funny . At any rate , the target of this post  having been squarely hit , I will quit .

All generalizations are false , including this one .——-Mark Twain


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5 responses to “fortunes

  1. I’m going to be on the lookout for road worms.

  2. Reblogged this on itkindofgotawayfromyou and commented:

    Another re-hash .

  3. I also will be cautious of the road worm during my travels. It may be like a worm hole on he highway. You may never return.

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