until you got to the oak tree

I wanted to follow-up for a bit my meandering post on trees and doing a good job .  I sparked a couple of oak tree comments and they reminded me of another story .

Several years ago I read a story in the local paper about a man and his oak tree and his neighbor .  The man had a large oak that he said was dead and needed to be cut down .  Native oaks are protected here in California so he needed to apply for a permit . Trouble was his neighbor objected . The neighbor said the tree was not dead , was healthy as a horse , so to speak , and so the cutting down was put on hold . Didn’t make for friendly neighbors month after month as the oak tree owner’s plan to cut the tree down went nowhere . Waiting .

And then .

And then a strong wind , maybe one of our Santa Ana’s , came to town . The winds knocked the sick old oak tree over . It evidently was sick , or dead , after all , and couldn’t resist the wind .  It crashed sideways on top of the neighbor’s garage and crushed it . The neighbor suddenly withdrew his objection to cutting the tree . Well , maybe he didn’t , since he was way too late for that . I remember the story as he suddenly withdrew his complaint , but I suppose that doesn’t make much sense . At any rate , I guess the gods had the last word .

Poetic justice .Dandy man

endings :

1. and they made up and were friends from then on and lived happily ever after …………

2. and the neighbor sued the man and  a. won a huge settlement , or , b. the suit went nowhere

3. they didn’t speak to one another ever again

4   a lifetime legacy ensued of  evil thoughts cast over the broken fence following  prolonged arguments as to who should repair


5. one or the other of the guys moved away from the neighborhoodoakwild ranch near sacramento


I don’t know what actually happened . Maybe they shook hands and went on with life in peace and harmony .




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6 responses to “until you got to the oak tree

  1. Maybe falling was in that particular tree’s job description.

  2. We had asked our neighbor if he thought his oak tree was healthy. He said he thought it was and he reminded us that he is a Master Gardener. An early snowfall (while the leave were still on the trees) brought one huge branch and several smaller branches down on our fence. He had the tree trimmed. It still looks unhealthy, small leaves that fall early and branches that are drooping downward but he still insists that it’s healthy.

    I was never close to the guy – I’m no closer today. He and my wife have always gotten along pretty well (both gardeners) and still do. We just don’t talk about the tree. The squirrels like the tree.

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