tiki take on sunny southern california

backyard 018   We experienced an odd event yesterday . Water fell from the sky . I’ve seen it before , I think . Rain . People call it rain . Newscasters here call it torrential downpours , but it’s rain . I’m pretty sure it’s rain .backyard 015

backyard 016

We’ve been drying out here for a few years . The surface of our state , the Golden State , has been sinking little by little . Lakes have dried up . Farmers’  wells have dried up . Wineries , and others , who can afford to sink deeper wells can stay in business . Others can’t . Entire cities in California have dried up .backyard 014

Now that we’ve got some rain we wait for the expected mud slides . Mud slides traditionally follow the brush fires . The brush fires burned the vegetation whose roots  might have held the dirt in place .backyard 011backyard 013

Shall I go on ? Want to hear about earthquakes ?backyard 006

I consult the tiki about all of this . I also mention the troubles in Ukraine  and parts of Africa and the Middle East . Sometimes I do , but the tiki doesn’t seem to focus on my concerns . The tiki , I suppose , has to watch the garden , to focus on what is at hand . I know the tiki knows all about those other events . But , the tiki is settled . The tiki is stoic within a context of  rising tendencies to stir the anxiety stew .backyard 009


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4 responses to “tiki take on sunny southern california

  1. Looks like the garden is in good hands (thoughts?). I hold you guys return to normal rainfall soon.

  2. Try rubbing the Tiki’s chin. He needs to think that he’s thinking.

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