Sassy Soul Sisters!

The Immortal Jukebox

Four in the morning. The last train is long gone and the night bus isn’t going your way. The streets glisten with the remains of last nights rain and a sheen of the incoming dawn’s dew. There’s a cold moon lighting up a cold clear sky. It’s going to be a long walk home.

But you don’t care! However hard the pavement beneath your feet it might as well be a deep pile carpet. Because you have been dancing for hours and hours in the club to the sounds of Memphis, Detroit, Philadelphia and Miami. You are floating, floating – almost flying home.

As you pace out the miles you relive the sounds of the records that held you enthralled; that lifted your heart and spirits so that a dark dank tubercular winter evening in England became a glimpse of Eden.

Listening, as loud as you dare, to those records…

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4 responses to “Sassy Soul Sisters!

  1. I read this earlier but I’m glad you reblogged it here. You and I seem to have blogs & followers in common. I’m going to go with great minds thinking alike.

  2. Thanks very much for the Reblog Dan. regards Thom

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