lights , action , Santa

I’m not sure what happened this year on our street . I put up Christmas lights and Ed, next door, did too and a  little while after that Don and Marie had someone put theirs up .  One more house across the street has some , too . But the rest of the street is dark . I mean , really dark .

Even that plastic inflatable Santa ( or is it a snowman ? ) that the family across the street always puts out on their front lawn is missing . No little sleigh either . Maybe he’ll show up later .  I doubt it , though .

My Christmas lights follow the rain gutters along the edge of our roof . I used to have icicle- type lights dripping , but hey , this is So Cal , after all . This is L.A.  We haven’t seen snow down here in the basin since I was a kid .  Icicles ? Snow on the roof and/or the front lawn ?  Who’s kidding who ?man 1923 florida

I added a few lengths of lights , too , maybe just to counter -balance the rest of the street . It all came out a little funky , slightly weird .  It has the  air of  chaos about it , a crazy look , an oddly formless configuration .  But , well , Ada didn’t object , and, as I always say :  it is what it is .  It’s unique , at least .

I’d never set up a lighted wire reindeer , maybe with a head that bobs slowly up and down . I’d never buy one of those pumps and put an inflatable Santa on the roof , or on the lawn . I don’t mind watching yours for a while  ; but , I’ll leave those pre-made projects up to you . Good luck !

Two streets east of mine is 5th Street in Monrovia. They , all along 5th , customarily , go all out at Christmas . The whole place is lit up and Christmas decorations and lights crowd the lawns . Plastic or wood Santas kneel at the feet of  mangers  where  plaster babies  Jesus rest . Nutcracker soldiers guard the fringes of the lawns . Reindeers hover , of course , and snowmen and elves and angels ; and,  for some reason,  brown bears do too . Well , bears  do wander Monrovia occasionally , so I suppose that’s the reason . Rather an  un-Christmasy  idea , but it makes sense .camel

I haven’t checked for wise men , but maybe I should . I’ll look tonight after dark . Maybe those dark -bearded Middle Eastern guys are intimidated this year , wary , and thought it wiser to keep a low profile . I’ll let you know .

Usually on 5th Street there is one , or maybe there are  two  houses that don’t decorate . But , this year , I noticed ,   there are several dark houses . What happened ?  No Christmas spirit ? Could Fox News have been right that  there has been a War on Christmas ? Have the Forces of Darkness taken over ?

Have the Chinese instituted an embargo on Christmas decorations and no one told me ? Isn’t that where most of the Santas and reindeer come from, after all  ? Shouldn’t the American government have started rationing Christmas lights and giant Santa sleighs already  ? How long can Americans make their inflatable snowmen last ? Are we not being told the truth ?

Can it all be blamed on President Obama ?    His weak response to North Korea ?  How dare he criticize Sony for not standing up to terrorism ! Shouldn’t we do a George W. on that corrupt Asian dictatorship ?  On the other hand , though , Sony is a Japanese corporation . Maybe Japan should step up to the bat on this one . We could have Santa , the real Santa , drop ” The Interview” DVDs all over North Korea . That’d  no  doubt punish the North Koreans  sufficiently for being such jerks .

But I digress .

Christmas started this year even before Thanksgiving . Santas were in the stores even then . Black Friday seemed even to almost have been a straggler .   Hordes of shoppers apparently forsook Thanksgiving to save a few bucks . Were they buying Christmas presents ?  I heard the local news  media make that claim .  I can’t think of anyone I know who went out that day to shop , though , so I won’t hold my breath for that giantly wide-screened  TV .

I guess , mainly , I’m just waiting for the after-Christmas sales . That’s when the real bargains come along .  Don’t tell the Black Fridays shoppers that , though . Let them find out for themselves .  What will I expect to get then for bargain -basement prices ? Should I tell you ? O.K. : Christmas decorations ! But please keep it under your hat .  These days , no information is safe .




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  1. I’ll bet those inflatable Santas will be really cheap after Christmas. I’m glad you’re showing the spirit. I have a few days before I describe my annual effort, much less bright, but not dark.

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