I was talking to Don , my 93 year-old neighbor , about stress . We wondered if people in the world today are more stressed than people from other times .  We discussed the issue for awhile , but we came up with no definitive answer . We discuss things often without coming to very many answers , but that’s fine . It is what it is .ANGELUS oaks Jan 2015 with Sally 179

I found a few pictures taken during the L.A. flood of 1938 . That might have been a stressful event  . There was a huge earthquake, too ,  in Long Beach  in 1933 . There have been plenty of floods and earthquakes all over the world in every age . Los Angeles flood of 1938 (6)

Los Angeles flood of 1938 (15) (1)

Mother nature has done her best to try to stress people out over the centuries . Those Vesuvius folks , for example ,  might have been a little stressed at least for the few moments before they were stopped in their tracks  by the toxic hot air and the lava . How about , also , those tsunamis !   Stressful ?  Freezing weather , harsh hot weather , poisonous vipers , disease , etc.  You get the idea . You know what I’m driving at . Life is full of natural stress . Is and was .Horse and girl

Sometimes Don and I talk about his experiences aboard ship in the South Pacific during WWII . That war was stressing , too , I imagine . Wars are stress inducers . Wars go way back , too , as you know .Easter Eggs For Hitler 10-3-1945We humans find endless ways to stress one another out . Not hard to find daily examples . Not easy to escape daily examples .

So , there are stress triggers in our modern world . So what ! Get over it , I say . It’s nothing new . Every generation was just as stressed , I think .  That’s what I think . I could be wrong . Obviously I have not examined the topic very extensively . I could be wrong ;  but , I’m not going to stress out about it . guy taking bath stands
ANGELUS oaks Jan 2015 with Sally 117


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4 responses to “stress

  1. Good one, Dan. Ya godda keep smilin’ ’cause Fate has NO sense of humor! If you’ve ever read Marcus Aurelius – Here he was a king and still worried about the same things we do – his kids were rebellious, the younger generation was going to H*LL in a hand-basket, etc. Ya godda laugh!!

  2. Knowing my grandmother’s story, I have to believe she had more stress than I’ve ever experienced.

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