methane confession

I’ve been reading recently about the methane crisis in this country . Methane is an major ruiner of the environment , I guess . That is , I should say , too much methane . All things in moderation ! L.A Basin methane emissions have been found to be 61% higher that estimated . The President is calling for higher restrictions .Curious-cows-6819b

I think cows create endless clouds of methane . I’m not joking about that . Watch out around cows . At least around large gangs of cows . I’d have to go a ways from Arcadia to find large crowds of cows , but I know that they’re out there , lurking ; chewing , spewing methane .

I’ve been adding to the environmental problem , too . I’ll admit it . I’m not proud of it ; but , it happens . I won’t blame it all on old age , but that’s a factor . And the cabbage . And the split pea soup . And , I hate to admit it , probably the beer .

Other foods , too , contribute , I ‘m quite sure . Who knows what our food is made up of these days !  I suspect all the secret ingredients are , in the end   ( or, from the end ) ,   methane producers . It’s just a theory so far . Until I see it on Facebook it isn’t a reality . Until I see one of those informative  blurbs on Facebook which someone has regurgitated  from some desperately passionate source of information to prove this or that about this or that I won’t know for sure . The survival of the world usually depends on my believing the blurb, it seems  ; and , if I read one , there are usually more I might chose from .

I think reading Facebook might induce the production of methane . It’s just a theory so far . Sitting around pecking at a computer keyboard instead of going outside to play is a problem .  I might take a walk , too , and at least this distributes my contributions of methane around the neighborhood . I suppose that this doesn’t help to solve the methane problem , of course , though , but it temporarily spreads out ( what’s the scientific term for this ? ) the concentration . Keeps some of it out of the house .

Haven’t mentioned the ( lesser ) related problem , too , of noise pollution . Let’s save that one for discussion another time . Or not .

It’s absolutely stupid that we live without an ozone layer . We’ve got men , we’ve got rockets , we’ve got saran wrap . Fix it ! —–Lewis Blackchina space poster



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10 responses to “methane confession

  1. You’ve got a few great theories here. First I definitely believe the cows contribute, facebook – I certainly agree… and you? I’ll just have to take your word for it…..

  2. Pat

    Like this blog especially. What about your compost heap contributions as well.

  3. So the question is, would giving up red meat reduce methane levels more or less than giving up beer? If we really get to crisis levels, I’ll give up Facebook…will that help?

    Great post Dan.

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