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Poland house and neighorhood 013I’m not a guy who knows computers .horse at ralphs

I checked a book out of the Arcadia library recently that might make me a little more knowledgeable . It’s a big book and it has colorful flow charts on almost every page . Almost is written as if for a child . Perfect. Just what I need .

Oh, I’ve owned computers , of course . I bought my first with a teacher discount in the 1980s . It was a cute little white thing , and it crashed for good after a year or so . It could store about as much information , as I remember , as might be crammed into a shoebox . You might think that I exaggerate on this point ; but , be informed that I  wear size 15 ( U.S. ) shoes , so it’s a little less of an exaggeration than you would think .

My feet , by the way ,  most of my adult life , had been size 13 , ever since I was fourteen years old . But then , several years ago , they stretched out to size 15 .  For years I suspected that shoe companies , most of them in Asia ,  were shorting us all on sizes — a  ‘ 15 is the new 13 ”  type of thing .  “Large” labelled clothes no longer fit , too . I found myself having to buy ” X-Large ” .  I know what you’re thinkin’ —- I gained weight and stretched out . Yeah , true ; but not enough to account for this shoe/clothing size-label conspiracy . No way .ANGELUS oaks Jan 2015 with Sally 117

I gave up the conspiracy theory , though , some time ago . I’m not much of a conspiracy theory type of guy . Lee Harvey Oswald for example , as far as I’m concerned , was the lone shooter of JFK . Not the CIA . Not Lyndon Johnson . Not the mafia or the KGB . Just Lee Harvey . O.K. , so it’s almost certainly impossible to get off two accurate shots from that angle , with his shooting experience , at that distance , with that weapon . So was it really the Secret Service guy in the following car who accidentally discharged his weapon into the President’s head ? Was there , then , Secret Service cover-up ?  I’m not pursuing it .Featured Image -- 12912

Remember old discussions of discussions about , for example , how many angels fit on the head of a pin ?  Want to spend time talking that conundrum out ? Not me , man . I prefer to wallow in my ignorance . Reminds me now of that UCLA philosophy class : ” The Philosophy of Knowledge “.  How do we know what we know ?  I say : Who cares ! You either know it or you don’t . If you know it , fine , then you won’t need to talk about how .Angelus Oaks Jan 17 , 2015 002

I don’t hold myself up as a shining example of how to be or how to think about things . Someone , I guess, needs to explore the truth , hypothesize, develop theories , test theories , etc.   Someone needs to philosophize , perhaps . Someone , I suppose, needs to explore space , for example , and capture bits or planets to study . Someone needs to expand our knowledge so that civilization can advance . Don’t wait for me , please , though — you go ahead .

But , have we advanced all that much , by and by ? Sure , technologically . We’ve found more and more effective ways to destroy one another , of course ; but have we explored and discovered ways not to destroy one another ?  Call our conundrum  human nature , if you want . Maybe that’s what’s holding us back .Cabin Dec. 2014 angelus oaks 059

Anyway , I know how to look some stuff up on my computer , but I don’t understand much else about it .  I don’t understand hacking . I don’t understand the entire network mechanics , really , despite the flow charts in my library book .  I’ve found through experience that the true geniuses of computer technology begin with one simple rule : Turn it off , wait 20 seconds , and then turn it on again . That almost always works .Coupon and road sign 005

Can this technique be applied more generally to the world ? Anybody waiting for WWIII ?  How about this for the world ? : Turn it off ; wait a half-life of twenty million years , and then turn it on again ? Maybe . Maybe not . I think GOD had something like this in mind when Noah was around . Nuclear weapons could turn us off one of these days .

Meanwhile , I’m clicking the keyboard of an old  Dell computer that I bought used a couple of years ago over the internet. The NSA is , no doubt , listening to my blabbering and writing my name down on some  list . It gives them something to do — a purpose . GM , General Mills, B of A , Shell Oil , and Ralphs Markets are doing the same , I’m sure ; making their own lists . Good luck getting anything useful , guys !

But , of course , I’m simply speculating about all of this . I’m certainly not a philosopher , and, as I’ve said ,  I’m not a guy who knows computers . I’d like , at least , to be able to say with confidence :  ” At least I know what I know ” ; but I took that Philosophy of Knowledge class at UCLA , remember ,  and so since then I haven’t  even been sure of that .ANGELUS oaks Jan 2015 with Sally 179


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