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passing hat thought

big hatMy grandfather used to talk about people talking through their hats . Hats . That was long ago when men wore hats , before John Kennedy went to his inaugural and didn’t wear the hat . Maybe that’s what started hats going out of style for men.  There was old Ike Eisenhower in the traditional top hat sitting next to him  and Kennedy with no hat on his head at all . Out with the old .men in top hats

With  politicians  ” She/he’s talking through her/his hat ! ” often applies , even though she/he may not be actually wearing a hat . Here in the digital age we can easily throw up ( pun intended ) examples of their saying one thing here and another there ; or one thing then and another thing now ; or of promises made during campaigns and from then on mysteriously set aside as if they had instantly vanished.  Gone with the wind .

Politicians , as soon as they throw their hats into the ring begin talking though them , I think . Well , that’s not a profound announcement , I know . That’s politics .

coolidge and hatSome people ( including politicians )  cry at the drop of a hat . Magicians pull rabbits out of  hats . Home sweet home is wherever I can hang my hat . Some people wear two hats . People pass hats . Men used to tip their hats to ladies .  Some people are so cheap their hats squeak . Some people sing about hats . Dylan sang about a pill-box hat . Lyle Lovett sings : ” You can have my girl ; just don’t touch my hat .

Hats are still in , though , especially with young people .  Hats off to hat wearers !

I was thinking about hats today , for no apparent reason . Maybe my hat was on too tight yesterday . I’m not mad as a hatter , though . It was just a passing thought I hat .

Alice : This is impossible .

Mad hatter : Only if you believe it is . 

old man and potato


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