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Our Silences and precious freedom of speech.

Another San Diego interesting sight .

Cool San Diego Sights!

Sculptures on display on San Diego's Embarcadero near Tuna Harbor. Sculptures on display on San Diego’s Embarcadero near Tuna Harbor.

My walk early this morning took me down to Ruocco Park, just north of Seaport Village. I wanted to check out something I saw on the news that looked really interesting.

Few people were about. Sunrise was lightening the sky. Ten imposing human-like sculptures rose before me. As I approached, the figures loomed ever larger, silent, heavy-lidded, facing the fishing boats in Tuna Harbor, and a handful of joggers passing by.

This temporary installation of public art opened yesterday to the public. Our Silences, created by Mexican sculptor Rivelino, is composed of a row of ten massive bronze figures, whose mouths are shut and silenced with a metal plate. The object of the art is to provoke thought, feeling and discussion about freedom of speech. One wonders if the small prison-like black box nearby contains a political prisoner, or someone’s…

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