maytag repair [or] devil in the details

Our Maytag dishwasher has done us well . I don’t know how old it is . It’s older than the hills . It’s been around for forever and a day . If it’s here tomorrow , then it will have been around forever and two days .

We’ve been noticing some quality issues concerning how well the dishes are done , though . The old machine is  on its last legs , I’m afraid . Maybe the battered old creature  has the beginnings of dishwasher alzheimers . Maybe it’s just slipping into common senility , forgetting more and more , going into what used to be called  a ” second childhood “. Ada and I have both noticed the difference from the old days . Nothing lasts forever . Except taxes . Ada and I haven’t been out to look for a replacement yet , though . We’re waiting for the thing to finally give up the ghost , I suppose . It won’t be long , we suspect , and we won’t rush it . DISHWASHER 004

I thought , maybe , that inevitable final day had come when Ada called  me yesterday and told me  that there was a problem . The thing wasn’t draining . A small problem for a young machine , perhaps , but maybe not for an ancient one . It was late , though , when she told me , so we agreed to look at the problem in the morning . Well , I’d look at the problem in the morning .

I didn’t have much hope that I could fix this problem , but I’d give it a try . Some ‘no-drain’ situations might be due to a clogged filter . I don’t even know where any filters are on this machine . But I do have the wrenches to dismantle the innerds of the Maytag ; and , so , I went to work .DISHWASHER 001

I took the insides out , one piece at a time . I lined them up so I had some chance of getting them replaced in the right order . I might find something at the bottom . Anything’s possible. DISHWASHER 006

I did find some bits of glass and plastic and goop right down underneath all of the parts . I took the bits out , of course , but I didn’t think they accounted for the drain problem . If I knew any dishwasher repair prayers I would have said them at about this point in time . Maybe there’s a patron saint of dishwashers I could have prayed to .

And then I saw the problem . Strangely , there , standing  near the drain , was the cause of the problem . I was sure of it . Hard to explain , but I was certain . There it was , clear as day . With me and machinery repair , this is a rare occurrence . But there stood the problem in all its evil arrogance . I grabbed my camera and took a picture so you don’t think I’m making it all up . Incontrovertible evidence ! DISHWASHER 007

I won’t tell you how , exactly , I dealt with the problem. After all ,  we all must learn to handle our own demons . Right ? I could tell you what I did , but your demons are not my demons and my demons are not yours . Sorry . You’re on your own , I guess. Good luck .  .

Amazingly , when I got the parts secured back into the guts of the machine in an orderly manner , and decided to risk running it though a cycle , it drained . The damned thing drained .


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3 responses to “maytag repair [or] devil in the details

  1. Please keep that little guy on the west coast 🙂

  2. No doubt about it: a UFO crashed in your kitchen.

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