billiards cartoon

Did I tell you that the pool place is closing at the end of March and that it was sold to a church ? It’ll be a church . clock 16th C  I know: time marches on .

Willie and I have been playing pool over there every Thursday for the last twenty years . Bill joined us , at some point ; and then Daniel . Victor has been the bartender all of that time . Victor knows how to pour a Guinness . Willie claims to have taught him how . Maybe he did .

Tim , the owner , is always there , sometimes practicing his golf putt in the back , or wandering around shaking hands and smiling . Tim , by the way , pours a lousy Guinness. You have to let the frothy dark liquid  settle , and then fill the glass a little more ; and , then , do that again .  Victor can pour it to the rim . But not Tim .

As it happens, Tim has two silent partners who have had enough . They’re the ones who insisted on selling . The church what bought the place , it seems , is now located on the new Metro tracks and , therefore, needs to get out .Time marches on .

No more Guinnesses or games of cutthroat or 8-ball . No more masse shots . We’ve been brushing flakes of ceiling plaster from the table for years ; but there will be no more wondering when the whole roof will come down . It’s all coming to another end .

uncertain city sign e. texas

The building was built as a J.C. Penny store in the 1920s . It’s a huge space . But , it’s is bad shape . Crumbling . I can’t picture a church in there . Maybe the whole thing will be torn down and rebuilt . If only a a few cosmetic repairs are done before the congregation takes over —– Good luck ! It’ll truly be in God’s hands at that point .swan dive sign


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6 responses to “pooling

  1. Funny it used to be a JC Penny. At my local mall, the Lord N Taylor became a church about a year back – seems strange in a MALL.

  2. That’s sad. Is this the end of pool, or is there a backup location?

    • No other places near enough . We’re trying to talk the bartender into starting his own place . There’s a bar for lease in an old hotel nearby . But , don’t count your chickens yet . We’ll find ourselves out in the cold . What to do !

  3. I especially like the town of UNCERTAIN with population 94. It would have been even funnier if the population read… 94 or 95? That’s what I would have done.

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