June 1942 (6) – Tribute

Thanks to fellow blogger gpcox for this tribute to my uncle posting during his well-researched stories about the Pacific war .

Pacific Paratrooper

Flying into Sand Island, Midway Atoll Flying into Sand Island, Midway Atoll

Admiral Yamato ordered Nagumo into a night battle with the American ships.  US Admiral Spruance knew the enemy was out there, but felt he shouldn’t venture too far from Midway Island.  This decision ultimately avoided the trap the enemy had set and ultimately led to the following decision….

The Japanese Combined Fleet’s flagship signaled out at midnight, “MIDWAY OPERATION IS CANCELED.”  This massive defeat for the enemy was only worsened when 2 of Admiral Kurita’s force collided with each other.  The IJN Mogami was damaged and the Mikuma sank from further air attacks.

The result of the Battle of Midway was a definite shift of balance of the naval power in the Pacific.   The Japanese Combined Fleet of 145 vessels had burned more fuel for this operation than the entire Imperial Navy had used in the previous year.  The enemy had lost 4…

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2 responses to “June 1942 (6) – Tribute

  1. Thank you for reblogging and making me aware of your uncle’s service, Dan. He deserves more than I did.

  2. This series has been very interesting. Very nice to learn of the connection.

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