follow-up on jury duty

The judge sentenced the three robbers who stood trial last month as I sat day after day as an alternate on the jury in downtown Los Angeles .courtroom old

The rapist , the one who rushed into the store first , the one who audaciously tried to explain away his rape , got one hundred and ten years in prison.dante inferno 2

The other two got decades in prison . One got 41 , and one got 37 years .dante inferno 1        An old friend of mine , after I sent him the news , said  “crazy waste”. Crazy , indeed . A waste , too , I suppose .

My pool buddies and I discussed the Boston bomber today , too . Death penalty or not . Each of us had a different take on it. I’m going to keep all of that under my hat , though . I wouldn’t do the complexity of it all justice . vin-de-merde


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2 responses to “follow-up on jury duty

  1. Love the top pix – the woman in the witness box wouldn’t be the rapee would she? 😉 [wish we had a tongue-in-cheek emoticon]

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