chocolate jesus

Live by the sword and die by the sword . Isn’t that the ancient admonition ? Nowadays , of course , “sword” refers to other weapons . Assault weapons ; missile -loaded drones . And handguns , of course ; always handguns .roosevelt High School LA 1942

Someone organized a cartoon contest in Texas . Drawing Mohammed cartoons for big -money prizes . Two guys wearing body armor and wielding assault rifles tried to enter . They weren’t drawing any cartoons . They shot an unarmed security guard in the leg and were then shot dead by a Texas police officer . The organizers of the event had arranged high security , including FBI , beforehand .

My friend Joe and I are reading about this Texas tragedy  on our laptops . Joe’s wife Susan is reading about the new name of the new English princess . Charlotte Elizabeth Diana ?  Susan , obviously , has more sense than we do .

Ada and I still have a  Jesus-on-a-rope soap hanging around in our bathroom .  I don’t expect any Christian zealots to show up at my door ready for revenge . It’s a good thing Christianity has , usually , a sense of humor .

I used to have to sell The Tidings when I was a kid . The Tidings was the archdiocesan newspaper in Los Angeles and it was extremely under-humorous . The local Jewish paper had much more of a sense of humor . It had cartoons , too , as I remember . If there’s a Muslim newspaper , I wonder if it has cartoons . Maybe we won’t go there , though . Could be dangerous even to talk about it . We might be burned at the stake . Inquisitioned . No , now that I think of it , I guess that happened in another  era and among other zealots . I will say that I admire passion , but only to a point .

I’m going to suggest to the Geller woman who organized the Texas cartoon event that her organization manufacture Mohammads-on-a-stick and that she and her partners personally take them over to Kandahar or Mosul and hawk them on the streets . They might choose another country if they like . It would take a little more chutzpa , perhaps , than the Texas event ; but it would be just as provocative , I guess , and  morally equivalent .

Stand up for what is important , for what you believe in , after all , and have the courage to be crazy consistent in pursuit of your goals . The world depends on it .  (Or not . )

I’ve been listening to Tom Waits sing Chocolate JesusHe seems to have passion , too . So , I titled this chocolate jesus . I don’t think Jesus will mind . carved indian face


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2 responses to “chocolate jesus

  1. I don’t think Jesus would mind either. I think God created chocolate anyway.

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