old men wearing beards

There was a time

when beards were oh so establishment . Maybe President Obama should try growing a beard . See what happens . Everything’s

gone to hell anyway .That’s what I hear , anyway , although I don’t keep up on it all . So what’s the big loss ? Maybe it will rekindle a vibrant spirit among people in the nation . It didn’t hurt Honest Abe , it seems , when a little girl wrote to him that he should try it , and so he did .  general crookman beard old 2

man beard old 3

man beard old 4

man bearded oldman bearded old 3man bearded soldier old


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7 responses to “old men wearing beards

  1. Obama in a beard – love your sense of humor, Dan!! But – like you say – we’re going to hell in a handbasket, so why not!

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