bubbles in the hell-broth

Bubble , bubble , toil and trouble

Fire burn and cauldron bubble

         I read the L.A. Times most mornings . On Sundays I actually feel the paper , turn the pages , toss the ads onto the floor  . Real newsprint paper !aspire to president shave poster

         At Redman Van and Storage I used to toss tons of blank newsprint into 50 gallon cardboard trash barrels . It’s what the movers wrapped household goods in , the dishes , lamps , and do-dads . The trash man ( always men ) would come along twice a week to the warehouse  to get the stuff . One of the trash guys always dumped a barrel of the crumpled newsprint out onto the asphalt on the yard just before leaving .  ” It’s a kind of a protest , ”  the warehouseman , Roy , told me , ” to show he’s upset at having to pick up so much trash . ” 

Newspaper print used to come off on your hands . Not so much anymore . As kids we’d squash Silly Putty flat onto the comics and it would lift up the cartoon character image onto the putty . Great fun . That was before X-Box and iPod and Twitter . We had to make do .

The L.A. Times has seen hard times in the last several years . Today’s paper’s front paper story is about young people taking selfies at museums . The story’s hook might be that museums are trying to provide selfie opportunities in order to attract young people . I don’t know , though . I didn’t read that article , even though it took the most front page space , as if it was the most important thing to report on today .  I’m not all that interested in selfies , I guess .

Then , after looking  the paper over and reading some of it  — Monday to Saturday , though , it’s not “paper” ; it’s read on the laptop screen — I check Facebook . I skim it quickly , too .

Facebook friends have , inevitably , posted their stuff . One gal posts cute sayings about coffee . I guess she likes her coffee . Sometimes she’ll post five or six coffee sayings . A guy back east posts serious political stuff . Another guy from up north alternates between cute puppy or kitty videos and fanatical political stuff . All the political stuff I see there is extreme and fanatical  . It does have some entertainment value , of course , for me . That is , you should know  , only because I am not persuaded  to  either 1. feel guilty for not taking action immediately , or 2. to  hate with the same intensity the people , policies , and targets offered for derision . These two particular political post putters are not only at opposite ends of the country , they are at opposite poles of the political universe . One might be absolutely right , and if so , the other one is surely going straight to hell . But , it could be the other way around too .

I should try to get these two passionate posters together some time . The three of us could have a few beers , sit around on lounge chairs in the back yard chatting , and see what happens .

On second thought , I’d better not do it . I can foresee , suddenly , what might happen . I’d unintentionally insult both of them in my sarcastic manner, thinking I was being lightheartedly funny ,  and they’d both turn on me ferociously . I’d deserve it , perhaps , for not swallowing the Cool-Aid ,  for not taking the whole thing seriously enough ; and ,  that result would be counterproductive . Wouldn’t it ? Can’t a guy just enjoy a beer sometimes , with friends , and not have to decide on the spot how best to solve the world’s problems ?

On the other hand , what did I expect ? Did I expect that they both would realize that each is a kind , compassionate , productive individual who , in his own way , is adding to  common goals, trying his best ,  and  doing his bit to better the world , albeit from opposite poles ? Not likely .

You gots to have a sense of humor about these things , I think , when , after all , you are a couch quarterback , anyway , in the game of Life . These guys are Facebook commenters , after all ,  not politicians , soldiers , or diplomats .  Facebook is not the guide for most people’s lives . Is it ? Am I wrong ?  Now it’s Twitter , right ?

Several people feel compelled to offer their political visions on Facebook . I , like the NSA , Apple , Google, the phone company, and corporate America , skim them all , and  I   would like to say that I admire all of their passion in the pursuit of perfection . But I won’t because I don’t . A fanatic is a fanatic is a fanatic . And , besides , sometimes a fanatic is just a fanatic — I think Herr Freud said that . Maybe some of these posting people  should keep it inside the bubble of their brains , mull things over , use a little judgement , and then do what  can be done to get things accomplished according to their beliefs , but don’t fling it all out daily onto other people’s timelines . Can’t they discuss selfies , or stuff like that ? Or coffee ? Or kitties ?

This is not to say that I wouldn’t like to read the crazy posts anymore . I like to try to stay informed about the state of the country and of the world . I’d like to hear all rational viewpoints and peruse the irrational ones , too . To some general  extent , anyway . I like to be informed a little about the right wing plots and the left wing plots  , the government plots , and the Irish .

Make the gruel thick and slab 

Tell you what : You political -posting people  stay within your world-view bubble ; I’ll stay in mine . Then we can all pretend whatever we want to . We can be slabs of  Silly Putty for whatever we want to squash ourselves onto . Otherwise , we’re doomed to be out there in the boiling world cauldron , swimming with the eyes of newt and toes of dog, wool of bat and tongue of frog , lizard leg and howlet’s wing , and all that stuff Shakespeare was talking about and thinkers have been trying for centuries to get a handle on . If only the Bard had been active on Facebook !shakespeare

Round about the cauldron go ,

In the poisoned entrails throw .drinking fountain 1920 workerHave a nice day .


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9 responses to “bubbles in the hell-broth

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  2. So much here today to digest Dan but I’m too busy wondering if I smash Silly Putty on the screen if anything will come off 🙂

  3. I’m not a Facebook person, and don’t have a Twitter account – guess that puts me right back into my childhood with the Silly Putty [that was fun – no life decisions had to made there].

  4. I know that I can always come here to be reminded about having a sense of humor and keeping things in persepective. I should have said that early, but I was in a hurry.

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