bandFlap , flap , flap , flap .

Ada and I flew over to her home city , Szczecin ,  just in time for the tall ships event . The town was crowded with tourists , but by this morning the ships have quietly pulled out . A band played .

But the tugs nudging the ships out into mid-river were not quiet . They let out giant farts that were heard miles away .

Now the riverfront is back to normal . The two river tour boats , Ying and Yang ( not their real names ) have retaken their place . The beer booths are dismantled and the vendors have taken away their goods . The crowds have dissipated and drifted back to wherever they go .

Ada and I have our city back . pol 1 2015 003pol 1 2015 004pol 1 2015 006pol 1 2015 011pol 1 2015 022pol 1 2015 026pol 1 2015 027


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4 responses to “boats

  1. Beautiful pictures. You seemed to have mastered the art of time travel 🙂

  2. Dan Antion’s comment is quite apt for this post – great shots, Dan.

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