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if we were having a beer or golfing


If we were having a beer we could talk history , or we could talk weather , or we could talk beer . We could talk sports , but it would be a short conversation . I don’t follow sports , I will admit . I feel un-American , at times , because of that fact , and possibly even a bit of an alien mole hiding  within the male universe . But , hey , it is what it is .GOLFER m

Now that we’re on the subject of sports for a moment , and not beer , let me drop a couple of bits of information about my experience with golf .

I don’t remember knowing any golfers when I was a kid . Oh , yeah , President Eisenhower golfed . But , after all  , Ike was the President . President’s golfed . Millionaires used to have strings of polo ponies . But them were them and us were us . We California  kids back then  played baseball , football , and basketball , we swam and some of us surfed , and we didn’t know anything about soccer , or polo , jai lai , or golf . We played handball , too , the kids’ version with the big red rubber ball , and hula hoops for a couple of years , and we threw  plastic Whammo boomerangs around , and we played dodgeball with varying degrees of viciousness . But not golf .

So ,  several years back , a friend of mine at work talked me into heading out to the driving range with him . He and his wife and I took a couple of lessons at Griffith Park . Then I got the prized  invitation to join the golfers from work for a game .BOSMAN

To make a long story short , I didn’t read the signals carefully enough . Golf is a serious enterprise to golfers . I mean highly serious . When I admitted that I hadn’t been practicing at the range that week ………………. I mean , the stern looks I got could have stopped a city bus . I was told to hit that driving range multiple times per week , and that admonition was not negotiable .GOLFER f

I had started out with buying two or three old clubs at the Salvation Army Store , and a well-worn golf bag . I was ready !

I was at the driving range one day , knocking that little puckered ball out onto the grass , when the end of my club broke off and flew out farther than the golf ball . The man in the booth announced my innovation to the proceedings over the loud speaker and  stopped the other golfers while a grounds person went over to retrieve the end of my club. I returned the looks of my fellow practicers with grace and dignity . Odd things happen sometimes. Maybe none of them had seen this happen  before ; but it happened . Deal with it ! That’s the message I was sending  with my reassuring smile as I looked these people in the eyes , one at a time and as a bunch .

I took a golf lesson , once , several years ago , in Poland . It was my first intro to playing the game .The golf pro teacher had spent some time in USA .

” You used to play baseball , ”  he said to me , out of the blue .

” Yeah . ”

” Golf isn’t baseball , ” he said . ” A baseball swing won’t work . “Taft golfing

My brother , Tom , who was a golfer , felt sorry for me with my second-hand clubs . He offered me a great set of Ping clubs . He was upgrading his set . Suddenly I had the proper tools of the trade so that I could appear to be a golfer . I played a few games with my work buddies , but I didn’t seem to improve much at all , and they lost interest in letting me string along . I just didn’t take the game seriously enough for them , and I was told rather inelegantly to bug out . I was told to hit that driving range until I worked my skills up to their level before they’d consider letting me rejoin their little golf group.

Maybe you think I’ll say that I was devastated , depressed , deeply insulted in face of this snub  . I wasn’t . It was , by that time , pretty much a mutual decision . I had some misguided notion , starting out ,  that I’d be playing primarily for fun , but  there’s a lot more to the psychology of golf than merely knocking a little ball around with a bunch of people wearing special shoes just for the fun of it .

The world’s problems are discussed , I guess , on the links ( along with handicaps and golf scores and pro golfers ) .  That’s why our presidents all seem to golf , I suppose  . Solutions to giant enigmas are , no doubt , hashed  and re-hashed as Mr. President , whichever one it may be at the time , putts and drives and tests the wind direction .

Or , maybe on the other hand ,  these important people just make competitive bets with one another as my buddies did , sulk after  bad golf days , and trade quickly -counted stacks of cash payoffs after the game while drinking  cold beers and munching on  spicy chicken wings in the clubhouse bar .WILSON

I briefly considered making a plan to join these guys in the clubhouse during  beer time , but since I wouldn’t have  contributed to the green fees , I think , they probably would have given me  the evil eye , as if I had crashed an exclusive party . I  anticipate a  low tolerance for non-golfers attempting to lift a carefree pint when carefully counted losses are changing  hands . That’s important stuff . The fate of the world could depend on it . bb 12


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Thursday Doors

I offer another church door this week , for Norm’s Thursday Door Challenge . DOOR 5It’s a corner church on the way towards a mall . Before the mall was built and a side street beside the church became a walking street leading to cafes and a major mall entrance , the church was , I would say , on a little bit of a forlorn corner of the city , down the street from two larger churches , next to the grimy exterior of a children’s hospital . Taxi cabs used to wait nearby in pre-mall days , and somber-looking  hookers used to stroll the dark stretches in front of the hospital . There is a clear view of this side door now , which was once tucked away in shadow .


It tells a story , this door , but I wonder who’s listening .

DOOR 3After all , malls are the new temples , are they not ?



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the bunkers

I’ve been staying in the Polish city of Szczecin . During WWII it was the German city Stettin , a shipbuilding center . There was also an automobile factory in Stettin . The city was bombed heavily , especially in 1944 , and much of it was reduced to ruins , especially around the port .

Not too far away is the small city of Police . It had been the German city of Politz . Near Politz the Germans were producing synthetic airplane fuel from coal . An extensive factory was scattered throughout a forest there , and it was an allied bombing target , too .

Robert in Szcz. 2015 069The Germans built heavily fortified structures in the forest , and defensive bunkers . A small city further away from Politz became a decoy city . When the bombers came the decoy city was lit up a bit while the factory and  Politz were blacked out .

Upper floors of the larger factory buildings were designed  to collapse when hit with bombs , and to absorb the shock , so that vital lower floors were protected .

Robert in Szcz. 2015 072 Robert in Szcz. 2015 075

Smoke was released , too , during raids to hide topographical details .

It seems the factory was not hit much . Surrounding fields were peppered with bomb craters , and the decoy city was hit , and the town of Politz was extensively destroyed , but the factory itself was well hidden and it was mostly spared of destruction .

Robert in Szcz. 2015 076

Robert in Szcz. 2015 080

I had a great tour of the place , the decaying ruins still scattered around , from a local guy, a soldier in the Polish Army ,  who knows the place like the back of his hand . I went there once before with him years ago and we climbed , that time , down into cramped bunkers , and around crumbling concrete structures .Robert in Szcz. 2015 081Now  a local group of history buffs has built up a little museum in a couple of the bunkers . It’s full of scavenged items recovered from the forest : helmets and weapons and bomb fragments . They have also added maps from war days , and identity cards of some of the prisoners who were interned on the site , etc . Robert in Szcz. 2015 084

Robert in Szcz. 2015 087

Robert in Szcz. 2015 092

Robert in Szcz. 2015 093 Robert in Szcz. 2015 102 Robert in Szcz. 2015 103 Robert in Szcz. 2015 105 Robert in Szcz. 2015 106 Robert in Szcz. 2015 107
Robert in Szcz. 2015 125

Robert in Szcz. 2015 129

Robert in Szcz. 2015 133

Robert in Szcz. 2015 155

Robert in Szcz. 2015 159

Robert in Szcz. 2015 122 Robert in Szcz. 2015 164Robert in Szcz. 2015 170

Robert in Szcz. 2015 197 Robert in Szcz. 2015 191 Robert in Szcz. 2015 187 Robert in Szcz. 2015 181

Robert in Szcz. 2015 180

Marchin in ruinsThis is a picture of my guide , Marcin , the soldier . Like the old joke about the bus driver who takes his family for a drive on his day off —- what Marcin  does on his day off is help out at the military museum . He wanted to share his excitement about the WWII history of the place and he knew I would appreciate the experience .


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blah blah blog

To blog or not to blog .


Start writing a blog .

Don’t start writing a blog .

I started this blog a couple of months ago . Maybe a little longer ago than that , but not much .

I don’t have a focus yet . Probably never will . I write stories from randomly returning memories as they pop up somewhere in the recesses of my brain . Some people write political blogs . Some  post only photographs . Some focus on travel , or family events , or religion , or sports . Or literature . My friend Joe writes a literary blog . He makes reference to literature and music and he posts another one every so often . I try to do one every day . So far .

It’s good practice posting  a blog . Practice writing . Practice writing for the world , world access , even when there might…

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ray ray

This one from 2012 .


More  Raymond Chandler :

” I shook the rain off my hat and looked at the building directory beside the case of false teeth. Numbers with names and numbers without names . Plenty of vacancies or plenty of tenants who wished to remain anonymous . Painless dentists , shyster detective agencies ,small sick businesses that had crawled there to die , mail order schools that would teach you how to become a railroad clerk or a radio technician or a screen writer — if the postal inspectors didn’t catch up with them first . A nasty building . A building in which the smell of stale cigar butts would be the cleanest odor .”

Our favorite private detective , Philip Marlowe , goes there to the Fulwinder Building , Western and Santa Monica , four-twenty-eight at the back , to meet Harry Jones , the grifter , to get information…

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foot massage thoughts

Hey , Dan , tell me about the foot massage business .

I have big feet . There is a foot massage place on a corner a block away from my house . I walk past the place often with my big feet . Think about it . Put two and two together . I’m an expert .

Asian guys are usually standing outside the foot massage joint when I walk by . They are smoking . I’ve never spotted them peeking at my big feet as I pass . Too busy puffing on their cancer sticks  , I guess , to notice . Therefore , I’d give them a slim chance of staying in business long .Pillbox

Hey Dan , tell me about how things are going in the US these days .

I only know what I read on Facebook :  Everyone hates with real passion and anger . Hates someone , or some group . The whole place is going to  has gone to hell . Depending on which website you choose to view , it’s been happening for twenty years , or fifty years, or , perhaps , most of the problems since about six years ago . I can prove it , too . I’ve read the headlines and I’ve heard the spokesmen and women . They’re incredibly sure of themselves . That means they’re right . Right ?

And , the baby kitties are cute , too , by the way ,  with  such good advice for me to live my life by . Bunker helmets

Hey , Dan , let me tell you what’s wrong with this country . 

The foot massage place never seems to have any customers . The building used to house a perfume store that had no customers either . It’s not that it’s a bad corner . The CVS across the street is always busy . Ada used to say the perfume place  probably was a tax-dodge scam of some form or another .  Probably the foot massage is , too .

I used to work for C & R Clothiers when they just started out in business . Corrente and Reisbord . I never thought they’d make it in business . No way . Then , suddenly , they opened hundreds of C & R stores around southern California . Maybe I’m not good at predicting business trends . Don’t ask me about the economy . German sign in bunker
Hey , Dan , here’s a primer on what’s wrong with the economy . So-and-so lays it all out ; tells you who to blame for it and who sold us all down the river . Everything you need to know . Best ten minutes I ever spent . 

Hey , I don’t need to know . I read the headlines of the blurbs and blogs and rants and videos that scoot in over the internet . That’s enough . I’ve already blocked the sites that are afraid to tell the truth to the American people .

Tomorrow I’m planning to hang out with the Asian guys outside the foot massage place . I’ll ask them if they’ve heard of C & R Clothiers . Or CVS . I’ll give them a few web links so they’ll know what to think and who to blame . I’ll make sure that they notice my feet , too ,  just so’s they know the authority from  which I speak .


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Thursday Door

door cathedrea;This is the door to the cathedral in Szczecin , Poland . door cath 2

The curious public , and worshipers , enter the cathedral  not by this door but through a less impressive side door where everyone is required , nowadays  , to pay  4 zloty ( about  $1.25 ) to get in . Kind of a pay-to-pray arrangement , I suppose .

re: Norm’s Thursday Door Challenge.


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