Stay safe out there .

I know , we’re all supposed to be scared of terrorists . It’s always good to be vigilant , but fear holds the audience . No , I’m talking about being safe in the sun , if that’s what you’ve got at your parade or barbeque . Maybe use sun screen . Drink lots of water . ( Maybe a little beer ; some soda if you’re still hooked )  . If you drive , take care . Holidays are busy and who knows who’s out there on the roads . Worry about mayonaise in the the potato salad being left out too long in the sun , if you feel the need to worry about something . Otherwise , enjoy the day and have some fun !FOURTH of JULY 002This is a shot of Ada . I’m there in the mirror . The background is kind of funky , but will have to do .

We are in Poland . These are our props for the holiday : glasses , napkins , and a hanging decoration , all brought from America . HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA !FOURTH of JULY 003


By coincidence , there will be a huge festival in this city , Szczecin , today . I ain’t seen no American flags , though . It’s the 70th anniversary of the day the Soviets handed over power to a Polish government here in the city . [ Still Communist controlled then , but hey , things take time !]. Big celebration . I’ll wander over and have a beer later and wonder how the Sierra Madre parade back home will go this year . roosevelt high 19402

July 4   parade

July 4      4


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4 responses to “HAPPY 4TH

  1. All great advice, Dan – Enjoy – and have a fantastic weekend!!

  2. A little rain here, but I’ll manage a celebratory beer to the US and I’ll have a second one for Szczecin! Have a good day to Dan.

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