technik museum

tecnik 1Last week  I wandered over with a friend of mine , Przemek , to the technical and communication museum here in Szczecin . I had never been there before but Przemek has .Tecnik 2Przemek filled me in on the history of the items in the museum as we went along. The museum  also had descriptions in English . A few years ago the English wouldn’t have been there , so I’m grateful .  Przemek’s history was more detailed , at times , and more interesting than the written stuff , and more personal , of course . I’m an old history teacher , so I was fascinated . Przemek is a history guy , too .

As you see in the pictures , the place is crowded with vehicles of several sorts . The building used to be a tram terminus . Tracks are still intertwined in the asphalt as we enter . I think the museum’s been open about two years or so .Tecnik 3Tecnik 4

TECNIK Museum 005

TECNIK Museum 017

TECNIK Museum 019

TECNIK Museum 021

TECNIK Museum 027

TECNIK Museum 039TECNIK Museum 041

TECNIK Museum 049Well worth a visit when you’re  ever over this way . By the way , Tuesday is free admission .TECNIK Museum 023

TECNIK Museum 044

TECNIK Museum 045


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  1. I could spend several hours in a place like that. thanks for the photos Dan!

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