Thursday Door

door cathedrea;This is the door to the cathedral in Szczecin , Poland . door cath 2

The curious public , and worshipers , enter the cathedral  not by this door but through a less impressive side door where everyone is required , nowadays  , to pay  4 zloty ( about  $1.25 ) to get in . Kind of a pay-to-pray arrangement , I suppose .

re: Norm’s Thursday Door Challenge.


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10 responses to “Thursday Door

  1. Quite intriguing, isn’t it?!! A lot of work went into these doors.

  2. That’s beautiful, especially with the intricate pattern of the bricks that draws you into it.

  3. You probably have to pay a lot more than 4 zloty to enter through this door.

  4. I love old doors, new doors, ornate doors. They are the welcome to a home and tell about the owner. I have a plain old door. Uh oh! What does that tell you?

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