foot massage thoughts

Hey , Dan , tell me about the foot massage business .

I have big feet . There is a foot massage place on a corner a block away from my house . I walk past the place often with my big feet . Think about it . Put two and two together . I’m an expert .

Asian guys are usually standing outside the foot massage joint when I walk by . They are smoking . I’ve never spotted them peeking at my big feet as I pass . Too busy puffing on their cancer sticks  , I guess , to notice . Therefore , I’d give them a slim chance of staying in business long .Pillbox

Hey Dan , tell me about how things are going in the US these days .

I only know what I read on Facebook :  Everyone hates with real passion and anger . Hates someone , or some group . The whole place is going to  has gone to hell . Depending on which website you choose to view , it’s been happening for twenty years , or fifty years, or , perhaps , most of the problems since about six years ago . I can prove it , too . I’ve read the headlines and I’ve heard the spokesmen and women . They’re incredibly sure of themselves . That means they’re right . Right ?

And , the baby kitties are cute , too , by the way ,  with  such good advice for me to live my life by . Bunker helmets

Hey , Dan , let me tell you what’s wrong with this country . 

The foot massage place never seems to have any customers . The building used to house a perfume store that had no customers either . It’s not that it’s a bad corner . The CVS across the street is always busy . Ada used to say the perfume place  probably was a tax-dodge scam of some form or another .  Probably the foot massage is , too .

I used to work for C & R Clothiers when they just started out in business . Corrente and Reisbord . I never thought they’d make it in business . No way . Then , suddenly , they opened hundreds of C & R stores around southern California . Maybe I’m not good at predicting business trends . Don’t ask me about the economy . German sign in bunker
Hey , Dan , here’s a primer on what’s wrong with the economy . So-and-so lays it all out ; tells you who to blame for it and who sold us all down the river . Everything you need to know . Best ten minutes I ever spent . 

Hey , I don’t need to know . I read the headlines of the blurbs and blogs and rants and videos that scoot in over the internet . That’s enough . I’ve already blocked the sites that are afraid to tell the truth to the American people .

Tomorrow I’m planning to hang out with the Asian guys outside the foot massage place . I’ll ask them if they’ve heard of C & R Clothiers . Or CVS . I’ll give them a few web links so they’ll know what to think and who to blame . I’ll make sure that they notice my feet , too ,  just so’s they know the authority from  which I speak .


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4 responses to “foot massage thoughts

  1. Nothing like getting all the poop there is to get outside the foot massage parlor!!! 😉

  2. Unless they charge by the inch, they probably don’t want your business. that’s what’s wrong with America, rampant discrimination of the big-footed.

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