Thursday Doors

I offer another church door this week , for Norm’s Thursday Door Challenge . DOOR 5It’s a corner church on the way towards a mall . Before the mall was built and a side street beside the church became a walking street leading to cafes and a major mall entrance , the church was , I would say , on a little bit of a forlorn corner of the city , down the street from two larger churches , next to the grimy exterior of a children’s hospital . Taxi cabs used to wait nearby in pre-mall days , and somber-looking  hookers used to stroll the dark stretches in front of the hospital . There is a clear view of this side door now , which was once tucked away in shadow .


It tells a story , this door , but I wonder who’s listening .

DOOR 3After all , malls are the new temples , are they not ?



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4 responses to “Thursday Doors

  1. It tells an interesting story Dan. It’s a beautiful door and I can only imagine the work involved in construction it. Great choice.

  2. Wow what craftsmanship and attention to detail. Those that have a story to tell are my favorite kinds of doors. Excellent share this week Dan 🙂

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