a tree in a weedy yard

I love a good tree .TREE 001There is one at the back of the building in the forsaken square that once , I’m quite sure , was something clean and inviting , but now is almost only weeds and a place to hang laundry . Semi feral cats scream at one another as they wander aimlessly around .TREE 004

The lone tree holds its own despite some residents wanting to tear it out . With even a soft wind the tree is heard singing  . The leaves sound like a rushing river , or a deluge  when there’s only a soft breeze blowing . Maybe that’s the reason for the animosity toward the tree .TREE 005

There are plenty of good strong trees across the road , over in the park . Maybe there are those who feel that the park is where the tree belongs , not behind the building , dominating the sky there . TREE 007What I see is that the only thing of beauty in that back yard is the tree . Well , that’s not completely true because there is a woman who tries to command a corner of the place with a flower garden . Her flowers make an attempt to counteract the wearisome dullness of the rest of the place . I wonder how the flower grower feels about the tree . I would be surprised if she dislikes it  as some others do . .

To each his own , I say , to each his own .. The tree will put up a major fight , though , if the time comes to take it out . It will take a lot of  courage to battle a tree like this one , I hope . Let it come down on its own , fifty years from now , or a hundred . In the meantime , no one seems to complain about the weeds . But the tree —– oh , we should do something about that ! We live in a weird world with twisted priorities . That’s just the way it is .


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6 responses to “a tree in a weedy yard

  1. The tree is the best thing I can see in the yard.

  2. I totally agree. Plant some grass under that tree, a few flowering shrubs, a bird bath and a bench…the tree as the centerpiece. 🙂

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