Thursday Doors August 6

orm’s Thursday Door Challenge :

This is a side door to the old City Hall in Szczecin . door 1

door 3

There’s a panel on the door .

Inside , these days , is a museum of city history . The building sits in the middle of Old Town ( Stare Miasta ) , which is almost all new because  World War II allied bombing runs did their work and destroyed most of the Old Town area ( then the German city of Stettin ) around this  harbor area during 1941 , 42 , 43 , and 44 . The immediate area was neglected during the Communist days but has been nicely rebuilt in recent years . I’m not sure of the age of this door . I think this building somehow survived the bombing , so the door might well have too.


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4 responses to “Thursday Doors August 6

  1. That is a gorgeous door Dan – nice one

  2. Beautiful door. I love the carvings. I’m guessing that it survived the war. It’s hard to imaging postwar construction that would have recreated the carvings. In any case, thanks for sharing them.

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