the Szczecin burger quest

Certain things in life are more important than the usual crap that everyone strives  for . ——–James Taylor


I published a post about burgers in Szczecin a while ago . I had found a good burger here in the city . Last year I hadn’t been so lucky .HAMBURGER 004

A local resident commented on my post , telling me that burgers were around and becoming more popular than I might think . . And he was right , of course . It took me awhile to discover some good burgers in the city .

I had a good burger today . There are a couple of young guys who began a business cooking burgers in a truck . They , as the other burger truck I wrote about previously , provide only burgers . Drinks , fries , chips , anything else , would have to be found elsewhere . Just burgers . BARBEER

Today I had the # 1 , the basic burger : meat , mayo , barbeque sauce , lettuce . It was tasty .

A few days ago I tried the burger up at Cafe 22 . That’s another place that now has burgers on the menu . They call it the   “classic burger” and it was tasty , too .

There are two small restaurants that I know of in town that specialize in burgers  . I haven’t tried either one  yet, though . One is in Old Town . My local commenter said this place is frequented by hipsters , but has good burgers . I wouldn’t be put off by hipsters . I was put off so far, however ,  by the steep prices . There is another place I plan to try sometime in another part of town  . Maybe that visit  will have to wait until next year .

I was telling my recent American visitor , Scott , about my burger quest . ” Don’t they have MacDonalds ? ” he asked . Sure , there are at least three locations . And a Starbucks . And KFC. And , at least a couple of Subways . Who knows what else . Irrelevant to my quest for a good burger , though , I had to tell him , so  why bring that up ?

When I approached the second-discovered food truck a few days ago , there was a young woman asking the burger guy questions . She was using English and was getting replies . She got her burger and sat with a guy and I  went over and asked them where they were from .When I hear English in Szczecin I approach . That drives Ada crazy . Well , maybe not Ada’s crazy . She thinks I’m crazy .

Spain .

They were from Spain . As we talked , the burger guy left his truck . He asked the three of us ( didn’t know any of us from Adam , of course ) to watch the truck for him and he walked away . We were all a little stunned . After a few minutes he returned with three Polish beers he had bought for us in some nearby shop . He handed them over and then  went back into his truck to wait for another customer .

Good burger and good beer . Need I say more ?Dan and beer

I saw the burger guy beer-buyer again today and I mentioned how nice it was of him to have given the beers . ” For the Spanish people ,” he explained . ” They only have crap beer in Spain so I got them some Polish beer “. Thoughtful , I thought ; and I liked , somehow , his use of the phrase ” crap beer “. That guy speaks my  language .


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2 responses to “the Szczecin burger quest

  1. “Crap beer” “Good burger” – I love that some phrases are universal. I appreciate all the research you are conducting for us.

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